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These Are Five Ways Live Music Is Better Than Hiring A DJ

When you are planning for the entertainment aspect of your event, it is possible that you may be tempted to go for a DJ over a live band. Whether it is a […]

The Very Annoying Neighbor’s Music Which Will Soon Result In Calling The Police

So this is a post I need to write now, because it’s going to either end with action being taken, or the local police being called and letting them deal with it, […]

Music Thursdays: The Most Catchiest Song Ever, Plus My Most Catchiest Songs

Yep, there was an actual science study to find out what was the catchiest song ever.  You know, if your favorite and catchy song is on the radio and you won’t leave […]

Music Thursdays: These Rhyming Friends of Mine, Haircut, Batmetal

On this Music Thursdays, I am talking about three music videos that you need to watch!  This first music video from the YouTube channel  mrharleymusic features the song “These Rhyming Friends of Mine.”  If […]

Music Thursdays: Owl City / Lindsey Stirling’s Beautiful Times

Want to see another amazing music video from Owl City, well here you go!  In this music video called “Beautiful Times”, you see Owl City, or Adam Young performing on his piano […]

Music Thursdays: The Red Roots

On this Music Thursdays, I am featuring an all girls band, this band is unique because the three women are all identical triplets.  Amazing right?  The band is called The Red Roots, and […]

Good News Fridays: New Music Videos Birthday, Vida, Marilyn Monroe

What a busy week for new music video releases!  So on this Good News Fridays, I am featuring three music videos that should put you in a better mood for the weekend! […]

Music Thursdays: Katy Perry Birthday / Lana Del Rey West Coast

  This week, I am featuring two new music videos that are going viral quickly!  The first music video from Katy Perry I thought was a much better representation of the song […]

Music Thursdays: Katy Perry – Dark Horse

Today, I heard this new song on the radio and wow, I liked it!  Katy Perry has been on a roll with hit songs like “Last Friday Night”, “Roar”, “Unconditionally”, and more!  Now, […]

Music Thursdays: Lindsey Stirling – Minimal Beat

How are you enjoying your Thanksgiving Day?  I hope the day is being spent with family and friends!  This Music Thursdays is going to feature a great music video featuring violinist Lindsey […]

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