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Animation Monday: You Are A Pirate / Children of the Night

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This week on Animation Monday, I am talking about two special videos that you will like!  The first video is from the YouTube channel Fred Perry and is called You Are A Pirate.  This animation is only a simple ink and paper, just like when you are writing something down!  The video features pirates, Irish people, and some interesting dancing.  Yes, you will see a women’s breasts censored and some guys using their … to do tasks like digging, raising the anchor, and swinging a sword.  This video should not be watched by kids!

This second video is from the YouTube channel Duo Cartoonist.  If you are a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, you will like this video!  The video features Princess Luna putting all the ponies to sleep and then some fillies join Princess Luna and fly in the sky!  The animation and storyboard were done by Richard Sirois and Jordana G.  And the signing was done by Kate Covington.  I thought the animation was spectacular in this video!  Even if you are not a Brony fan, if you are a fan of animation, watch this video!

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