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Is Our Health Really Protected?

This is a question you really need to be asking yourself. How protected is your health, whether you’re in the hands of a medical professional, or whether you’re walking around the shops […]

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Watch To See How Your Body Runs In A Normal 24 Hour Day

The YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE did a great video showing how your body runs in a normal 24 hour day.  From waking up to the time you go to bed, your body reacts differently during […]

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Adults Worried About Body Image Should Watch This Video

Here is something to think about.  What do you think about your body image?  In this video from the YouTube channel JubileeProject, they asked everyone in the video one question.  If you could […]

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Sunday Discussion: The Benefits Of Being A Naturalist Presentation

This might be a controversial presentation and infographic.  But since this is a Sunday Discussion, I thought it was a good time to make something some people will enjoy, and something some […]

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TV Reviews: Sam and Cat / Naked and Afraid

On this edition of Geek Alabama TV reviews.  I am going to talk about a kids show on Nickelodeon and a not so kids show on Discovery Channel that shows nudity.  What […]

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Mural Controversy in Atlanta

I can not believe this is really a controversial issue.  But a mural in a SE Atlanta neighborhood is slated to be painted over after residents complained about seeing a nude women in art.  The location […]

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