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Building A New Website For Unlimited Fiberglass


This post is about something I put together for a person who met me at a Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce function.  James O’Rear wanted a simple website designed for a storm shelter business called Unlimited Fiberglass.  Along with Stanley Cofield, this business will build and install storm shelters, safe rooms, panic rooms, emergency shelters, and other fiberglass construction.  Here is a screenshot of the new website!


This business will thrive because there is a huge market for storm shelters in the southeast ever since the April 27th tornado outbreak.  So if you live in Alabama or in the southeast and are wanting a storm shelter built for your home, church, or business; contact Unlimited Fiberglass at 256-357-2105 or by e-mail at [email protected]  The website will also include new features such as a products page and testimonials as new shelters are built!

To learn more about Unlimited Fiberglass & Storm Shelters go to:

Like them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @UNFiberglass.  Yep, I set that up as well!  By the way, if you want a simple website designed, contact me at [email protected]

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