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The Top Infrastructure Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Every business has a technological infrastructure, even if it is analog and minuscule. Depending on the scope of your projects, you could have terabytes of information stored in your IT system. Do not let your cloud serve as an unexamined dumping ground—take charge of your tech infrastructure today. Here are the top infrastructure mistakes your business should avoid.

The Top Infrastructure Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Unrestricted Access for All

Every functioning business has an internal organizational structure with superiors and staff. The chain of command is clear in person, but you must ask yourself whether this hierarchy exists in your technological infrastructure.

If everyone has access to every piece of information, you likely lack security measures to keep information private. Though you trust your employees and value transparency, it is vital to keep some items behind closed doors until ready for unveiling. Cutting-edge technological innovation, human resources reports, and more all require levels of security to prevent unauthorized access.


A Quick Example

You must assess who can see what items are in your cloud infrastructure and prevent information from landing in the wrong hands. A smaller-scale example of how to implement a cloud access hierarchy is the restaurant industry. In their point-of-sale systems, waiters can only see the ordering and transaction pages of the software, while managers can see financial reporting and accounting information about the business. This differentiation safeguards information and keeps it from entering the wrong hands.


Ignoring Cloud Compliance

Though there is much to learn about cloud security compliance, it is vital to remember its place in your business’s infrastructure. Cloud compliance is all about following industry guidelines and governmental laws surrounding information technology use.

The cloud is not just a simple place to dump your files for safe recovery; it is the home for all your sensitive documents, client payment information, and employee tax files. Whether you store unimportant backups or confidential information, cloud compliance is not something to forget about.


Leaving Employees Confused

Infrastructure is more than behind-the-scenes technology—it is front and center for many people on your staff. Do not leave your employees high and dry without direction when it comes to your new infrastructure solutions. Since updates change features and legacy workflows do not always transfer, you must train your staff on all new systems and software you implement. The last thing you want to do is have confused employees perpetually scrambling to make sense of their work.

Knowing the top infrastructure mistakes your business should avoid can keep your business from leaking sensitive information or breaking international law. Whether you need to revisit your security preferences or revamp your cloud system entirely, a healthy reflection on your business’s technology habits will expose any issues before they become digital emergencies.

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