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Animation Monday: The New Inspector Gadget

Well, we are living in a world where classic cartoons are being rebooted.  If Ducktales can be rebooted for Disney, I guess Inspector Gadget was due for a reboot too.  If you […]

Why DreamWorks Animation Needs A Buyer And Fast

So, late last week, there was talk that Hasbro was looking into buying DreamWorks Animation.  When the news broke, the stock price for DreamWorks rose, while the stock price for Hasbro fell. […]

Animation Monday: Star Wars Rebels

Over the weekend, the new series Star Wars Rebels premiered on Disney Channel.  The new series is set 14 years after Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and 5 years before […]

Seatbelts Everyone, The Magic School Bus Is Being Rebooted

The 1990’s brought us some classic PBS Kids shows.  One show, Reading Rainbow, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has earned over $3.6 million dollars, you still can donate right now! […]

Animation Monday: Action Movie Kid

I am doing something a little bit different for Animation Monday this week.  This week, I am featuring a special YouTube channel called Action Movie Kid.  This YouTube channel features very short videos […]

Animation Monday: Toy Story of Terror

This week on Animation Monday on a Tuesday.  I am talking about a wonderful animated special just for Halloween.  Toy Story of Terror features all of your great characters from the Toy […]

Animation Monday: Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch

This Animation Monday post is going to talk about an upcoming animated series that premieres this Saturday on the Hub Network.  Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch was announced back in 2011 […]

Animation Monday: Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures

So this week on Animation Monday I am going to talk about the poor attempt to bring back one of the most beloved video game characters, Pac-Man.  Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures […]

Animation Monday: Transformers Prime Season 3

Last Friday night, The Hub premiered Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters for its third and final season.  This computer animated series picked up after the viewers saw Cybertron’s only hope for salvation lost, the Autobot base […]

Animation Monday: Paperman Disney Short

On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday; I wanted to talk about the Disney short film that premiered before the movie Wreck-It Ralph.  Paperman is a black-and-white animated short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by […]

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