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Animation Monday: Transformers Rescue Bots Season 2

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Over the weekend, Transformers Rescue Bots premiered it’s second season on the Hub Network.  The animated series is set in the town of Griffin Rock, Maine, a group of Autobots named Heatwave, Boulder, Blades, and Chase respond to Optimus Prime’s message for any active Autobots in space to arrive to Earth.  Coming out of a long stasis, learning what became of Cybertron and that they are the only Rescue-Bot team remaining, Optimus deems them not yet ready to fight Megatron and the Decepticons, and they are partnered with the Burns family composed of first response rescuers.  Together, they learn teamwork and heroism alongside their human friends as they deal with various disasters.

So yes, these Transformers are like the children to the more mature Autobots who are defending Earth from the Decepticons.  These Autobots live on a technologically advanced island any geek/nerd would dream living on!  The Autobots pose as ordinary rescue vehicles, but they do transform into their Autobot selves when a threat rises.  And while you don’t see the Decepticons on the island, there are villains who live on the island like Doctor Morocco and petty criminals Myles and Evan.  The main mission of these Autobots is to learn to work together.  And this Transformers series is more oriented for the entire family, and smaller kids who might not get to watch the more mature Transformers series.


For the first two episodes of season 2, the Autobots continue to work with the Burns and Greene families.  There are plenty of storylines that can come from an technologically advanced island.  The first episode was called “Road Trip”, and it featured a transporter that had gone nuts.  And a character too nervous to ask someone out on a date.  The second episode called “Sky Forest”, had the two main kid characters Cody and Frankie entering inventions into an invention competition.  Frankie’s invention of a sky forest goes really well, until it grows out of control.  Turns out Cody’s invention of a sprinkler suit saved the day, and the two kids shared the prize medal.

In this series, you get less violence and more lessons that are learned at the end of each episode.  The animation is done very well, and the characters animation is more basic than what you get in other animated series on the Hub Network.  The storylines is more oriented for families and it features some humor and lessons for the kids.  Like I said, this Transformers series is made for the family to enjoy, and to get young kids hooked on the Transformers franchise.  Many people who watch this series will be going to see Transformers: Age Of Extinction this Summer, I am sure of that!

The Transformers franchise has done very well for Hasbro.  Along with the latest movie called Transformers: Age Of Extinction coming out this Summer.  You also have the newest animated series called Transformers Unlimited coming out in Summer 2015 on the Hub Network.  There will also be a season 3 of Transformers Rescue Bots!  In this Vine post below from DC Douglas, you just have to love the reaction from LeVar Burton!

So if you love the Transformers, you do not have to worry!  Hasbro knows what they are doing with this franchise, and you will continue to see the Transformers on your TV and movie screens, and also in the toy stores.  New episodes of Transformers Rescue Bots airs on the Hub Network on Saturdays at 12:30 pm Central.  To learn more about the show, go to:

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