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Roadscapes Wednesday: Five Road Drawings To Solve The Leon Smith Parkway Problems

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I have been profiling the major traffic problems on Leon Smith Parkway in Oxford around the Interstate 20 interchange and the Oxford Exchange area.  I mean, seeing pictures of traffic like this should make anyone shake their head and cringe.

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And yes, I even made a video showing you video footage of this as well!

So, as you can see there are some major problems with this area in Oxford Alabama.  This is what happens when you place everything in one small area!  So, on this Roadscapes post, I am going to feature five road drawings on what I want to see this area become.  I want to see more travel lanes, two right turn lanes turning onto Leon Smith Parkway from the Oxford Exchange, no more right turn yields coming off of I-20, and better traffic lights and signage!

Listen up ALDOT and the city of Oxford!  This is one of the worst traffic choke points in Alabama and the southeast.  And once the eastern bypass opens up later this year, the traffic will get a whole lot worse!  The road drawing sequence starts at the Leon Smith Parkway / Jimmy Hinton Drive intersection, and goes south towards the Oxford Exchange.

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