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Top 5 Ways To Reuse Your Busted March Madness Bracket


Let’s be honest.  When you filled out your March Madness bracket.  You were hoping you would at least survive until the Sweet 16.  You had that slight glimmer of hope that your bracket would be perfect and you would have won a lot of money.  Then reality came crashing down!


The first upset was Harvard beating New Mexico on Thursday night.  This was the beginning of the bracket destruction.  On Friday, the Ole Miss and La Salle upsets made more people cringe at their brackets.  And then Florida Gulf Coast delivered the dagger when they beat Georgetown.  Everyone’s hopes of bracket domination were over before they even had a chance to begin.

So now that everyone is looking at a worthless piece of paper that will lead you to maybe a small office pool win.  Why not use your now worthless bracket to bring some good into this world?  Here are the top 5 ways to reuse your busted NCAA bracket.

5. Use you bracket as decorative gift wrap: Nothing would be better than using your worthless brackets as nice gift wrap.  Your loved ones will notice all of that red ink and black marks as many of your bracket picks were proven wrong!  Then you will get the feeling that spending so much time on your brackets was silly in the first place!

4. Dry the tears from your eyes: Admit it; you are probably shedding a tear or two right now.  You were hoping you had the perfect bracket that would win you a million dollars, a new car, or office bragging rights!  But after the upsets, reality came crashing back in again.  Go ahead, use your busted bracket to wipe away your tears.  Maybe you’ll pick up some of that red ink you had to use, poor thing!

3. Write a love poem to your wife: You spend much of March Madness in front of your TV while ignoring your wife and loved ones.  Not only you watch every minute of basketball on TV.  You crunch the numbers and sometimes pray that your picks will avoid the next upset.  All of this is going on while your wife is plotting her move to get revenge for ignoring her.  Writing a love poem on the back of your busted brackets will show her that you had it wrong all along and you should have spent more time with your wife!

2. Turn your brackets into origami: Since you are now looking at a worthless piece of paper.  Why not unleash your inner artist?  There are numerous videos on YouTube showing you how to make many types of origami.  At least your piece of origami will look colorful with all that red and black ink.  Here’s a video showing you how to make an origami ring!

1. Find a creative way to destroy your brackets: Admit it; seeing your brackets with all that red ink is embarrassing.  That red ink is almost like a mark against your manhood.  Why not come up with a creative way to get rid of those evil-looking brackets.  You could shred your bracket.  You could light up your bracket on fire.  You could shoot your bracket with a gun.  The possibilities are endless.  Don’t forget to upload it to YouTube!

Don’t feel bad-looking at your red ink filled bracket.  You are in great company as everyone is not perfect.  You will have an entire year to think about where it went wrong until the next March Madness!

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