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Paul Finebaum Is Off the Air For Now


Paul Finebaum’s time on the radio is over for now.  This is the first time in more than 20 years that Finebaum is not on the radio!  On Monday Finebaum’s contract with Jox 94.5 expired.  And as a result his radio show has been taken off the air.  One has to wonder where Paul Finebaum will end up.  If he wants to stay in the Birmingham radio market he will have to serve a three-month non-compete clause.  Some people think Finebaum could end up at 97.3 the Zone.  Finebaum could also decide to return to Jox 94.5.

But the door is wide open right now if he wants to jump into the national radio landscape.  Paul Finebaum has had talks with CBS, ESPN, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio about creating a national radio show.  No doubt, I believe Paul Finebaum will be making much more money where ever he goes.  And his audience will follow him!  Some folks do not like Paul Finebaum and his regular callers.  But his show actually describes the culture in the south!  Some Auburn fans blame Mr. Finebaum’s show for encouraging Harvey Updyke to poison the Toomer’s Corner Trees.  I don’t know about that.

Paul Finebaum is arguably the most popular person in Alabama sports radio.  Sure, some of his regular callers can get on other people’s nerves.  But he also does some good things as well.  Finebaum flew up to Waterloo, IA to visit Robert who is a regular caller to the show.  This was great!

I enjoy listening to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.  Finebaum and the guests on the show really do know their sports stuff.  One wish I would like to see is the Paul Finebaum show simulcasted on TV.  Many other popular talk or sports radio shows are also shown on TV.  For the next three months, Paul Finebaum will be enjoying a little time off.  At least he will still make appearances on FOX 6!

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  1. I am with the Auburn fans. I am true crimson bleeding season ticket holding Bama fan. Paul’s mode of operation opens the door for abnormal people. Harvey Updike was caller of the year, the attention he wanted. Harvey was his own problem and Paul did nothing to encourage him except giving him attention. That was enough and intentional for the sake of the show. The bizarre behavior on that show rewards the extremes and cast a bad image on the state, the south and the schools. His reporting is the best but Tammy represents Auburn as much as the Legend represents the typical Bama fan. I have been to more games and been more in touch with both programs than those two combined. The typical Alumni of both schools are educated, in management or an important job so they don’t have time to call. Besides most of us are too boring to his standards. Max Howell never should have been taken off the air.

  2. I do agree, most people who call in are people who have lots of time on their hands and usually these people are without jobs and might not be educated. It’s been over three months and Paul Finebaum is still not back on the radio. Soon, he will be back on but I hope his new show will be better than the last radio show. Thanks for commenting!