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TV Review: The Taste

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Why wait on reviewing a brand new TV show!  On Tuesday night the new show called The  Taste premiered on ABC.


The Taste has a very similar concept to the NBC show The Voice.  The concept of the show is the contestants have one hour to cook a dish to serve to the four judges.  Each judge only has a spoonful of food to taste.  After tasting, each judge has to vote YES or NO on the food they tasted.  While this is going on, the contestant is watching their food being tasted behind a door.  After the voting is over, the judges open the door to reveal the contestant.  After a quick chat, each judge will reveal their vote and if the contestant gets a YES vote they are put on that judges team.  If there is more than one YES vote the contestant gets to pick the judge they want to be with.  All of this kind of sounds like The Voice does it.

The four judges/mentors Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey will conduct each tasting throughout this series blind.  I watched the first episode which featured all auditions and I was left wondering, why were so many talented cooks not picked.  The judges have to vote YES or NO before they get to see each contestant.  And on many occasions throughout the episode.  I kept hearing “I regreted I never picked you.”  I had a hard time understanding Ludo Lefebvre at times.  And many people thought Anthony Bourdain was acting very mean.  Surprisingly the judges axed so many professional chefs which was a surprise because they are tasting each dish blind.

After watching the first episode I thought The Taste was negative, disheartening and boring.  It looked like the judges were not paying close attention to the food they were tasting because they passed upon some great talent.  Reality shows must have success and happiness.  Not rejection and failure.  And the judges had no problem rejecting contestant after contestant.  ABC, you will not have a hit on your hands.  I have a feeling this show might be cancelled before the first season is even completed.  There are better cooking shows such as Masterchef, Chopped, and Hell’s Kitchen that are more enjoyable to watch than this.

If you want to give The Taste a try; new episodes air Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. I think it’s fantastic that the judges were passing up on some of the professionals simply because they were choosing people that have flavors and techniques consistent with what they like. I can’t really say if the judges were going overboard with their decision to pass up on some contestants because I wasn’t able to taste the food. There were some flavor combinations that my DISH co-workers agreed on and others that just sounded downright disgusting. The judges’ faces were pretty comical at times. I’ve got my DISH Hopper recording the show and thanks to the PrimeTime Anytime feature I don’t have to set any timers for the show. It automatically records all prime time shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC seven days a week and that means I won’t miss anything. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode.

  2. I thought the concept was unique because the judges did not know who made the dish. But it turned into a rejection and regret party. Ratings were pretty good for the premiere so I wonder what the ratings will be for week 2. I will most likely see another episode once they get through the auditions. At least Hell’s Kitchen is returning in March! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Neal Gade on 1/26/2013
    Im completely disappointed with the way the judges go about there quick opinions of the contestants. Its a negative downer so far as the judges are solely bias about their choices. The show will not have enough legs to make it in the long run. Try showing the public the final 40 or so with 4 teams already prescreened with highlights like idol. Then maybe the judges can get excited and compete with one another. Show lacks mood. Judges to boring. This show could make it. Try calling Ty for a complete makeover. Maybe then. Sometimes having experienced so many different tastes clouds your thinking. Bourdain looks confused. He seems like having his mothers favorite meal over an over and nothing to bragg about. Its kind of caddy. The public does not want to see this.

  4. That’s pretty good. I tried watching the rerun on Saturday night and I turned the channel. ABC needs to stick with The Chew because if they keep promoting The Taste it will be a disgrace to all the foodies out there. Thanks for commenting!