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Why I Love The Walking Dead

Let’s continue with the Halloween themed posts!  Ever since AMC-TV premiered The Walking Dead it has been a ratings monster!  What is The Walking Dead you ask?  If you have lived under a rock for the last few years the show is about zombies!  The plot is what happens to human survivors after the zombie apocalypse occurs.  So far in the series we have seen many people get eaten to death by the zombies.  And we have seen a couple of people become zombies!  Simply if you are not a fan of zombies what world do you live in?  When I watch the show I always root for the zombies!  Hey it’s not their faults that they are craving humans.

So what are the reasons why I love The Walking Dead?  I have provided four gruesome reasons on why this show is a big hit!

The zombies look like real zombies!  The makeup people does a great job with the makeup!  It can take up to 4-5 hours to be transformed into a zombie!  And here is an interesting fact!  Some women don’t like seeing themselves in the zombie makeup!


The survivors have to deal with the emotion of surviving from zombies!  Think about it; the survivors have to worry about food, water, shelter, weapons, and of course zombies!  This would make some people go crazy!


The action on the show is just awesome!  When the survivors kill zombies or other people the blood and effects look real!  We all know the blood is fake but it looks so real on the show!  The special effects people do a good job!


The zombie actors really do act like real zombies!  The actors and actresses go through zombie school.  Yes this is a school where they learn to act like a zombie.  Everything from the way they walk to they way they growl is taught!


Basically The Walking Dead is going to be on TV for a very long time.  And The Walking Dead Comic Book is over 100 issues and going strong.  Another plus from the show is it’s mostly shot in Georgia.  You notice several Atlanta area landmarks in the show.  When I covered the Alabama Phoenix Festival I did a whole post about The Walking Dead and it features several zombie actors!  Click on the link to see it and happy zombie hunting!


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