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The Top Gangnam Style Parodies

The song “Gangnam Style” from the Korean pop singer Park Jae-sang or PSY has been a huge hit!  The music video on YouTube has over 230 million views.  The video was originally intended as a satire of a small neighborhood in Seoul renowned for its wealth, with PSY playing a “clownish caricature of a Gangnam man.”  But the video, in which PSY showcases his crazy horse-riding dance and croons most catchily, has catapulted him to American fame.  PSY has been on a media tour across the country with appearances on The Ellen Show, Saturday Night Live, Today Show and others.  If you have not seen “Gangnam Style” watch the video below!

With the whole country doing the horse dance; you had to know people would create parody videos of this popular song.  I have come up with a top 12 list of my favorite “Gangnam Style” parodies.

Alabama Style 

This video from Nick Fox and WABD-FM should pump up all of the Alabama fans out there!  Alabama fans doing the horse dance is great!  Now I want to see an Auburn fan do the horse dance!

Lifeguard Style

These lifeguards from El Monte, Ca thought they were having a good time making a parody until the city fired 14 of them!  Apparently the city has no funny bone and I hope these lifeguards get re-hired!

Navy Style

Uniformed Navy midshipmen from Annapolis, Md did a great spoof of the music video!  And unlike the lifeguards that got fired; these guys have gotten praise from the Navy captains.  A spokesman told an Annapolis newspaper that he’s happy the video “has struck a chord with the American public.”

Gandalf Style

This parody is for the geeks and nerds at heart.  If you are a “Lord of the Rings” fan and you can’t wait for the first “The Hobbit” movie to come out for the Christmas holidays this video is for you!  Who knew gray wizards could horse dance?

Nerdy Style

YouTube performer JuzDin offers his own take on the popular music video.  When you were in high school you probably knew the school nerd.  You know the one who was rejected and was a social outcast.  This video will make the geeks and nerds happy!

Gangnam Style Mom

This video proves “Gangnam Style” is an multi-generational phenomenon.  The video was shot in a living room and showcases the impressive synchronized dancing talents of a mother-son duo.  This was some great dancing!

Oregon Duck Style

This video done with the University of Oregon mascot is a great parody!  Many students from the university participated in making this video.  The only thing I didn’t like was the omission of “sexy” from the lyric “sexy lady.”

Mom’s Babies Style

This great parody uses many references from the music video like showing a women’s rear-end, dancing, and the clothing PSY wore in the song.  Hey; moms and babies have got to have their fun too!

Deadpool Style

For you comic book fans out there!  What do you get seeing the comic book characters Deadpool and Bane dancing the horse dance?  You get one crazy video!  I really enjoyed this video!

Wedding Style

Are you about to walk down the aisle?  Maybe this parody video can inspire all of you to do the horse dance.  This video made Stefani and Jeremy’s wedding very special!

Pony Style

You knew this was coming!  The popular animated show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is based in a world with ponies!  So take this viral music video and mix it with this cartoon and you have a crazy video that loops!

Hitler Style

Yes even Adolf Hitler has gotten into the “Gangnam Style” spirit.  This scene taken from the German Film Downfall shows the latest video from the film to be parodied.  I thought this video was well done!

Do you need to learn the horse dance from “Gangnam Style?”  Let this video from The Ellen Show show you the steps to the dance!

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