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Review of Dole Smoothie Shakers

Update:  This is my first ever product review.  And no I did not receive compensation for reviewing this product.  In other words; I bought it myself.

So I see this commercial on TV about these new Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers.  And since I am going on one year of being unemployed and can’t afford a blender.  I decided to try it.

Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers comes in several flavors and the local Winn-Dixie started to carry them.  So I decided to get the strawberry banana flavor.

When you break the seal and open the cap.  You see that everything is frozen and clumped together.  The directions say to let the product sit for five minutes which I did.

The directions that are printed on the bottle are very easy to follow.

You pour your favorite juice up to the fill zone on the bottle.  I used a cheap grape juice cocktail in the smoothie.  But you could use any juice you want.

You then shake the bottle for up to one minute.  After you are through shaking you get something like this.

The smoothie tasted very good and I did taste the banana and strawberry.  You could add protein powder or oatmeal to get that extra kick.  I was very satisfied in the smoothie and will buy more in the future.  At least until I get a job again and can afford to make my own smoothies.  You can find Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers in the freezer section at major grocery stores.  By the way this video from Dole on YouTube was interesting.

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  1. Cool i know exactly what you mean about the unemployment it’s hard to be able to do anything that you really want to do especially when it comes to food and other products nice review keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I can earn some income soon so I can advance Geek Alabama to the next level with more reviews, interviews, and stuff. Thanks for commenting!