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The UAB Football Will Be Shut Down, The Fight Is Not Over


The news was made official today.  UAB President Ray Watts has announced via many sources that the UAB football program will close up shop.  Of course, with the football program closing down, it also means other programs like the marching band, cheerleaders, other men sports, and other women sports, will also face the chopping block.  This is not good for the city of Birmingham, or the state of Alabama.  The crowds will now only grow in downtown Birmingham as students, alumni, supporters, and other people protest this stupid move.  Even coach Bill Clark is amazed by the support!

Now, what do you need to do to put pressure to bring back UAB football.  For starters, you need to contact Governor Bentley.  Bentley is the president of the  University of Alabama Board of Trustees.  And all UAB supporters are urging you contact the governor.  To contact the governor, call 334-242-7100.  Or e-mail the governor by clicking here!  Also, the superintendent of the Alabama State Department of Education, Tommy Bice, is second in line on the board of trustees.  To contact Tommy Bice, call 334-242-9700, or e-mail Tommy Bice at [email protected]

Of course, that is not the only thing you can do!  You can also sign a petition to save UAB football by clicking the link.

Sadly, the way the UAB football program has ended with it’s backroom deals and corruption will make national and worldwide news.  It will leave a huge black eye to the city of Birmingham and the state of Alabama.  And, it will make the state of Alabama really look bad.  And it will give the impression that many people in Alabama are corrupt, backstabbing, greedy, and really bad people, which many people in Alabama are not.  We will learn more about the UAB football situation later today, president Ray Watts will have a press conference at 3:30 pm.  Geek Alabama will update this post later today!

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