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Watch Will Smith Bungee Jump From A Helicopter Into The Grand Canyon

Will Smith is celebrating his 50th birthday.  And to celebrate, he decided to bungee jump from a helicopter and into the Grand Canyon.  If you did not watch this yesterday, you can […]

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Smarter Every Day Shows Us How Hard It Is To Hover An Helicopter

The latest episode of the YouTube series SmarterEveryDay shows us how hard it can be to hover an basic helicopter just above the ground.  Destin Sandlin traveled to Florida to Tampa Bay Aviation to […]

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Orvillecopter and Amazing Finish

These two videos are for people who like weird things and great finishes.  The first video is a toy helicopter that has the tanned skin of the owner’s cat named Orville.  The […]

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Cullman Tornado

http://www.srh.noaa.gov/hun/?n=4272011_cullman_county Another significant tornado to hit Alabama on 4-27-11 was the Cullman, Alabama tornado. This tornado went through the heart of downtown Cullman.  This tornado was the first to be caught on a […]

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