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Dick Clark Passes Away

Shocking news today that Dick Clark has passed away from a massive heart attack.  Clark was often named the world’s oldest teenager; and for good reason.  Dick Clark inspired many people in his generation to be successful.  He hosted several successful TV programs including American Bandstand, $25,000 Pyramid, and the favorite Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve.  Which has now turned into an American tradition.  Who does not love watching the ball drop in Times Square every year.  Here is the video of Dick Clark’s final new year’s appearance.  This was the show’s 40th anniversary.

Dick Clark helped to change the landscape of Hollywood.  American Bandstand helped to launch many new careers in the music business.  And it was a big hit on TV.  Many people looked forward to seeing who was going to be on each and every week on the show.  American Bandstand introduced the world to rock and roll music.  And Clark introduced the world to black artists; which was ahead of the time.  American Bandstand lives in the memories in many older people today.

Dick Clark also started his own media company called Dick Clark Productions.  Shows such as the $25,000 Pyramid and the American Music Awards also helped to change Hollywood today.  The $25,000 Pyramid was a game show that also helped to launch and further several actors and actresses careers.  And you have to admit it; the theme for the game show was addicting!

Dick Clark was a polarizing figure in America.  And he remained popular all the way up to his death.  And even after he had a stroke in 2004; he stayed hip and popular.  Rest in Piece Dick Clark.  We may never see another popular figure like him ever again.

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