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Animation Monday: Meapless in Seattle

On Good Friday; fans of Phineas and Ferb got to see the sequel to the episode The Chronicles of Meap.  This episode called Meapless in Seattle was a very good episode.  The animators got into the act by the Star Wars themed opening.

A long time ago in a studio in Burbank, California. A ragtag group of animators made a fake trailer for a Meap sequel they never intended to make. Unfortunately, everyone wanted to see that episode so the animators were forced to write it and incorporate all these seemingly unrelated scenes. I guess the joke was on them, we now present… Meapless in Seattle.

Meap comes back to Earth and tells Phineas and Ferb to run from Mitch.  Isabella and Candace gets swooped up in the chaos and climbs into Meap’s ship blasting off.  Linda meanwhile was taking french lessons through a tape cassette.  Having the tape telling her to turn around and see her kids getting into the space ship was funny.

Back up emergency mustache translator.png

Meap had several emergency mustache translators including a southern one made in Georgia and a British one.  They go to Seattle which is raining to find a stash of Cutonium hidden underground.  At the same time Dr. Doof is in Seattle when Perry the Platypus meets him.  We also get to see the return of Peter the Panda as well.  Dr. Doof discovers the Cutonium and drinks it.  He then becomes a cute baby glowing in pink.

Not suggest drinking cutonium.png

Mitch steals Dr. Doof and takes him to Meap’s home world.  The kids travel with Meap; and Perry and Peter travel together as well.  At Meap’s home world we get to see that Mitch is the same size as Meap.  Mitch drains the Cutonium from Dr. Doof; then Peter and Perry rescue him.  But then gets attacked by Mitch’s robots.  Then Mitch absorbs the Cutonium which mesmerizes Phineas in a hypnotic trance.  The Meap army breaks into the evil fortress but also gets mesmerized over Mitch’s cuteness!  The music from Meap’s world is very interesting by the way.  It’s kind of girlish.

640px-IMG 0292.jpg

Isabella pulls Phineas away from the hypnotic trance.  And he discovers that Isabella is the main source of the cuteness.  Isabella then rides down to meet Mitch and out-cutes him turning Mitch back into his original state and saving the entire Meap world.  I think many people thought Isabella and Phineas were going to have a love scene there.  At the same time; Dr. Doof, Perry, and Peter meet Balloony who is working for Mitch.  Dr. Doof convinces Balloony to destroy Mitch’s robots.  But one of the robots pops Balloony which saddens Dr. Doof.  That was one very funny scene!


At the end of the day; the kids are returned home.  And Perry fixes Balloony for Dr. Doof which makes him happy.  Overall this episode was a great sequel to the first Meap episode.  Lorenzo Lamas and Jeff Foxworthy provided great voice talents in this episode.  By the way the animators created another Meap sequel called Meap me in St. Louis.  Have a look!

The next Animation Monday will feature a new cartoon called The Legend of Korra; which premieres this Saturday on Nickelodeon.  Check out a sneak peek below!

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