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Ann Welch for Anniston Mayor

I was invited to attend a press conference for another candidate that is throwing her hat into the ring for the Anniston Alabama mayor seat.  Ann Welch announced that she is running for mayor.  She had some very good points during her short speech to help fix Anniston.

She said that Anniston is in a crossroads right now.  And Anniston has a small window to help turn the city around.  She is wanting everyone in the city to work together to help turn Anniston around.

She talked about two things that can help turn Anniston around.  One; Anniston needs a new perspective.  Anniston also needs to change the way it’s doing things.  The second point is to have team work in the city of Anniston.  Anniston needs to find a page and get on it.  Overall this is shaping up to be a huge race for the Anniston mayor seat.

I am wanting to personally interview each mayor candidate for the city of Anniston.  I love living in Anniston and with my unemployment I am hoping I do not have to move away.  Over the next few months you will see mayor candidate interviews here on Geek Alabama.  If you represent an Anniston mayor candidate please e-mail me at: [email protected]  The Anniston city elections are in August 2012.  Let’s make sure the citizens of Anniston pick the right candidate!

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