Animation Monday: Phineas and Ferb Platypus Day 2013 Episodes

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This year for Platypus Day; Disney Channel and Disney XD aired two special episodes of Phineas and Ferb that were focusing on the life of Perry the Platypus.  In the first episode titled “Sidetracked”, Agent P goes to Canada and teams up with a former partner, a human agent named Lyla, to stop a hijacked train running along the US/Canadian border.


Perry was in Seattle chasing three criminals on his Platy-bike, that was a cool bike!  Soon the chase enters Canada and Perry has to abort the mission because Perry does not have jurisdiction in Canada.   C.O.W.C.A. agent Lyla Lolliberry takes over the chase but she detaches the metal arm the hook is attached to, allowing the criminals to escape.  During the episode, we see the Danville human characters but their faces are not shown.  Perry uses a tree to enter his lair while crushing a car at the same time.

His assignment is he must protect Albert the Moose, Canada’s national symbol, in order to preserve the upcoming Canada Day ceremonies.  However, Albert is riding a train on the U.S.-Canada border, and Perry only has jurisdiction on one side of the train, so Perry will be teaming up with Lyla again.  Remember; Perry has some bad blood over Lyla.


Perry and Lyla arrive at the train at the same time, and they drop into a fine dining car, sharing a booth with Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  Doofenshmirtz points out that they are currently trapped by societal convention – you can’t make a scene in a fine dining establishment – and that he’s participating in a U.S.-Canada evil exchange program, where he and a Canadian villain will trade evil schemes for a day.  Doofenshmirtz promptly reveals his scheme: he has tied up the conductor and hijacked the train using his remote control Train Operator-inator, where he will hand over Albert to his exchange partner, ruining the Canada Day celebration.

Lyla and Perry foils Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s societal convention and a chase in and on top of the train begins.  Somehow Doofenshmirtz escapes and Lyla and Perry falls off the train.  Lyla immediately notices a handcar next to the track, but Perry tries to operate it himself, slowing them down.  Lyla teaches Perry how to operate it, and as they travel down the tracks, she metaphorically equates the handcar to teamwork: she and Perry have to work together to stop Doofenshmirtz.  The song “On A Handcar” was very good!


Lyla and Perry catches up to the train while passengers are recording them on their phones.  Doofenshmirtz’s cell phone alerts him to the trending video, and he starts watching it just as Perry kicks him in the face.  During another chase on top of the train, Dr. Doof smashes the remote when the train enters the tunnel.  Now the train is out of control.  Back inside the train, Lyla immediately realizes there’s an emergency break in the engine car, and Doofenshmirtz decides to join the two agents in their attempt to stop the train.

The passengers are ordered to the back of the train and the caboose is separated from the runaway train.  Then a large claw grabs the caboose and lifts it into the air.  Lyla and Perry rapple their way into the chopper, Doofenshmirtz climbing up behind them.  Bannister reveals that he’s not actually Canadian: he’s from Greenland.  His goal is to remedy the lack of Greenlandic national pride by causing Canadians to forget their national identity, allowing him to annex Canada for Greenland and institute his own pride-producing changes to his homeland, such as a new national anthem.  Then we get to see a great fight scene with a song in the background.  Dr. Doof doesn’t care about the fight, he’s playing cards with the other criminals.


Perry and Lyla trick the bad robots into magnetically attracting each other through the chopper roof, defeating them.  Bannister, realizing he’s lost, throws his Greenland flag on the two agents and parachutes away, but is immediately captured by Peter the Panda in an O.W.C.A. plane.  Lyla brings the caboose-carrying chopper to the Canada Day celebration and the Canadians can celebrate!


We then get to see a very weird scene when Lyla, Perry, Major Monogram, Carl, Dr. Doof, and Peter watch Niagara Falls.  I thought Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee was a good voice for Lyla.  And I enjoyed the action in the episode!


In the other episode titled “Primal Perry”, Perry comes face to face with an Australian platypus hunter named Liam set out on destroying him.  Perry gets his mission when Major Monogram and Carl briefs him in the house vents.  Perry gets handcuffed to Dr. Doof and Liam begins the hunt!  Perry almost gets killed by Liam but some older people stops Liam because he destroyed the Danville Community Gardens.  I liked how Dr. Doof breaks the fourth wall when him and Perry were falling down the waterfall.  You knew a commercial break was coming!


In the other part of the episode; Baljeet is having an existential emergency and finds himself incapable of making decisions, so Phineas and Ferb create an infinite probability generator that will allow Baljeet to make as many choices as he pleases without being affected by the consequences.  This results in many Baljeets who almost destroys Buford.  I will not go into much detail in this episode because it aired on Disney XD and will air on Disney Channel later this month.  But I thought the episode was good!


Before this post wraps up; I participated in an online chat with Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh last Friday.  Some episodes coming up in season four includes the Marvel Crossover where Phineas and Ferb helps to bring back the superheroes powers!  I can’t wait for that to air this Summer!


Some other episodes includes Isabella’s Birthday, two Halloween special episodes this October, a return to the 2nd dimension, and a special song about Isabella that will come out in 2014.  There are many people who loves the Phineas and Isabella relationship.  The creators know this and loves to play around with that!  We still have plenty of Phineas and Ferb to see in the future!  This is one of those animated series that is not going anywhere soon!

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Dr. Seuss Birthday / Happy Platypus Day 2013


Dr. Seuss Birthday


Today is Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) 109th birthday!  Dr. Seuss is considered one of the greatest children’s book writers and illustrators of all time.  Having published 46 picture books, The National Educational Association adopted his birthday, March 2, as National Read Across America Day.  Since today is Saturday and schools are out, many schools participated in National Read Across America day on Friday!  Here is Rick and Bubba reading the classic Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham!”

So what are my favorite Dr. Seuss books?  There are so many I could choose from but these five have a special connection to me!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A classic.  A Christmas tradition every year!

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss most famous story!

The Sneetches and Other Stories

I always liked this story!  I also loved the The Zax.

Green Eggs and Ham

Will you try the green eggs and ham?

There’s A Wocket in My Pocket

This story used to scare me!


Happy Platypus Day 2013!


It’s Platypus Day!  The first Saturday in March has been designed as an unofficial holiday to celebrate the teal colored; beaver tail; teeth chattering platypus we all know and love.  Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb has become a very popular character across the world.  Why should you like him you ask?

Perry the Platypus kicks butt, defeats Dr. Doofenshmirtz all the time, cares about Phineas and Ferb, and even has his own theme song!  He’s a semi aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action!  This year’s dance from Disney is a parody of the song Y.M.C.A. from The Village People.  This song titled “The Agents of O.W.C.A.” is an okay song.  I liked last year’s song The Platypus Walk more than this one!  Have a look!

The Phineas and Ferb crew even got into the Harlem Shake craze!  I really liked this one!

Animation Monday: Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s Web Series

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I love Phineas and Ferb, it’s one of my top animated shows for 2012.  And the show is just starting its 4th season and has over 100 episodes in its belt.  So the people from Disney have done something which I think they should have done a long time ago!  Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz now has his own YouTube channel and Twitter account.  His videos called “Doofenshmirtz’s Daily Dirt” brings his own thoughts into internet related topics.  Each video is around 100 seconds so enjoy the first two videos!

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is an evil scientist on Phineas and Ferb and I think he is the second most popular character in the series behind Perry the Platypus.  Co-creator Dan Povenmire voices Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his hometown is Mobile, Alabama for the ones who did not know.  Dan and the writers on the show manages to keep the doctor fresh and funny on each new episode!  If you have a YouTube account I would follow the Doof Daily page today!  If you also enjoy Dr. Doof’s dose of wisdom, you need to follow his Twitter account as well!

Follow the Doof Daily YouTube page at:

Follow Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz’s Twitter feed @DoofDaily

Animation Monday: Where’s Perry? Part 2

For my take on Where’s Perry Part 1 Click on the link.

Part 2 opens with Lawrence and Linda at Chez Afrique which is on top of a large hill for dinner.  But the restaurant had their reservation mixed up and they are relieved that their 30 year reservation was not lost.  Then back at O.W.C.A. headquarters evil Carl the Intern is trying to find out which of Dr. Doof’s inators caused Perry to disappear.  Carl determines that the Go Home Inator zapped Perry and evil Carl and his evil robots takes a O.W.C.A. jet and goes to the Flynn-Fletcher house.  By the way; how can Carl the Intern use a metal detector on robots?  Carl the Intern quits the O.W.C.A. and calls the Major “Monogram Pa” and this causes Dr. Doof to make fun of the nickname.

While Major Monogram convinces Dr. Doof to join him we see Candace in freak out mode on top of a tree.  She is freaking out that Jeremy has broken up with her while holding this heavy satellite phone which causes her to fall to the ground.  She finds a monkey and she decides that she does not belong in society or civilization anymore and she says “Candace is out, peace!  I’m going native!”  Yep folks; she has finally gone crazy and has lost it.  Meanwhile Phineas and Ferb with their friends are hanging on a side of a cliff on some vines.  I liked how Buford breaks the fourth wall saying they have been hanging here for weeks.  Phineas is just staring at the highly unconventional vehicle that has crashed at the bottom.  And he tells everyone they need to get to the bottom.  The vines break and after a rescue scene they land on a ledge.  But Phineas is convinced Perry is nearby and they climb down to the bottom.

Back at the Flynn-Fletcher house evil Carl and the robots break in looking for Perry.  Grandpa Clyde is asleep while the robots scan the entire house looking for Perry.  The robot Candace enters the bedroom and we see how much Candace loves Jeremy.  There were way too many Jeremy pictures on the walls.  The robot Candace picks up a Jeremy picture and determines it as a boyfriend and then the phone picks up.  Jeremy is speaking to the answering machine but it gets cut off showing evil Carl angry that Perry was not in the house.  Meanwhile Phineas takes his friends on an adventure to find Perry; I just love the animal/person relationship in this show.  And Perry is hiding behind bushes looking at Phineas and feels kind of sad.  Then evil Carl contacts him through his video watch.  Carl would have no idea where Perry was but he recognized a special flower only found in Africa.  Evil Carl and the robots set off for Africa.

At the O.W.C.A. Major Monogram convinces Dr. Doof to join him.  Dr. Doof is doubting himself because evil Carl was using him.  Dr. Doof was set to take over the Tri-State Area with Agent P gone but Major Monogram reminds Dr. Doof that if Carl takes it over first you won’t get a chance.  After some time to take in those thoughts the reaction from Dr. Doof was priceless!  The two joins together and takes another O.W.C.A. jet to Africa.  And Major Monogram decides to jet off in style with some shades!

We then see Candace walking in the forest and doubting herself.  She thinks a lot of bad things are happening in her life and all of society hates her.  So she decided to join a group of monkeys!  The song Living with Monkeys talks about the pressure, talk, going through emotions, anxiety, and overall general life.  So she decided to leave all of life behind like the house, car, water, and of course electricity. (a girl’s got to have a hairdryer)  Some of these clips are very interesting for sure!  And no one knew Candace could speak monkey.

Phineas and Ferb with their friends are heading west because in Phineas’s words “Platypuses always head west when their lost.  At least I think they do.”  Isabella wants to find their way back home but Phineas is convinced Perry is in Africa.  Baljeet tries to convince Phineas that Perry is not in Africa but the gang finds Perry’s footprints.  Phineas is afraid Perry is alone and wants to find him before anyone else does.  But Perry is on the run but he runs into a bunch of animals that looks mean.  Evil Carl and the robots arrive in Africa to find Perry with Major Monogram and Dr. Doof not too far behind.

After the break the robot Candace is scanning for Perry but the real Candace who is speaking only monkey and is wearing a cave women outfit approaches the robot.  Even the robot Candace convinces the real Candace that she loves Jeremy.  But Candace goes crazy and climbs back into the trees.  Phineas and Ferb along with their friends are still tracking for Perry.  The gang sees Perry across the river and then they walk on a tree to cross a river but one of evil Carl’s robots shoots the tree and the gang falls in the river.  Perry hears the screams and runs back only to run in to evil Carl and evil Robots from many of the major characters in the entire Phineas and Ferb franchise.  But Agent P has recruited many of the animals in the area to be animal agents.  Then we get to see an epic battle between animals and robots.  This was an epic fight!

The gang is in the river and hangs on to a tree and lands in quicksand.  Major Monogram and Dr. Doof arrives in the middle of the robot/animal fight along with Candace who is still crazy.  Major Monogram takes his suit off to reveal a red unitard.  And joins Agent P in the robot fight.

Candace is fighting the robots but gets caught by the Phineas robot.  The Phineas robot said “I know what I am going to destroy today.”  And right before Candace is killed the robot Candace jumps in to take the laser.  I guess one of evil Carl’s robots had a good malfunction.  The Candace robot saved the real Candace because there was no evil Jeremy robot.  Then the Candace robot played the message Jeremy left on the answering machine and yes Jeremy said he misses Candace.  This makes Candace realize that people do care about her.  Then pops out a cell phone from the robot Candace (of course!)  And Candace talks to Jeremy.

Buford helps the gang to get out of the quicksand.  Then Dr. Doof is setting up the machine to make Carl good again.  Perry lures evil Carl up to a rock shaped like an X.  Evil Carl is out of the range for the laser shot but Perry uses a picture of Phineas and Ferb for the laser to bounce off to hit Carl.  Major Monogram was freaking out saying “game over man.”  And Carl the Intern has a computer tablet necklace with the program to scan Perry’s paw-print.  Major Monogram makes sure Carl is good again and orders him to clean up the robot mess.  Then Major Monogram promotes Carl to a paid intern without pay.  Yes they are still not paying Carl for what he does at the O.W.C.A.  I would have left by now working without pay.  Major Monogram wants Perry to fly back with them but Phineas is calling Perry’s name.  Major Monogram let’s Perry stay with his family for the vacation and that makes him happy.  Everyone is reunited and they ride elephants.

On the jet back home Carl the Intern asks why Perry ended up in Africa after being hit by the Go Home Inator and the answer was simple.  Major Monogram said Perry ended up in Africa because his family was there.  And Monogram said “home is where the heart is Carl.”  I think anyone can agree with that statement!  Back at the camp the gang is eating s’mores with grubs in them.  And they wonder how Perry followed them to Africa which seems impossible.  Ferb then says “Well, ever since George Shaw wrote the first description of the platypus for highly skeptical European scientists in 1798, this unique creature has become synonymous with the word impossible.”

Candace doubts how Perry got to Africa but everyone tells her to go to sleep.  The second part of the special was great but some people wonder why Disney had to split these episodes one month apart.  I thought it would have been better to show the entire special together.  But I did enjoy the Where’s Perry special!

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Animation Monday: Where’s Perry? Part 1

On July 27th Disney Channel premiered the 2 part Phineas and Ferb special called Where’s Perry?  I thought the episode was very good and I am going to talk about it in detail so if you have not seen it SPOILER ALERT!

The Flynn-Fletchers and several friends are going to Africa on a safari.  Perry was going to go along with the family but the O.W.C.A calls Perry telling him he needs to stay behind because of Dr. Doof activity.  So Perry fakes being sick and this makes Phineas and Ferb sad.  Candace was waiting at the airport for Jeremy to come and tell her something very important but she had to board the plane.  By the way that flight attendant with the bullhorn was rude!  On the flight Isabella meets a flight attendant who was a former Fireside Girl.  And Candace freaks out and panics because she can’t use her phone for 18 hours!  This is the ultimate nightmare for teenage girls!  Once the plane lands at the airport Candace and another teenage girl are in shock because they could not use their phones.  This gave me a laugh.  The family and friends meet Ignatius Ukareamü (a very nice guy) who was Lawrence’s college friend and the family is staying at his research station.  Then we see Perry go to Dr. Doof where I felt this part of the episode was sped up big time!

I felt like this part of the episode was a bit rushed maybe for saving time.  We see Dr. Doof trap Perry and use the Fitness Equipment Lock-inator.  After making everyone fat, he would run to city hall and take over.  But this inator doesn’t last long when Dr. Doof pushes the self-destruct button himself!  Perry leaves but it is a cover up so Dr. Doof can use the Ultimate-evil-inator!  He wants to hit Major Monogram while he is sun tanning on top of the O.W.C.A. roof but a mirror deflects the beam hitting Carl the Intern instead.  The family arrives at the research station and of course Phineas sees a tent with a bunch of scrap metal, parts, and power tools left-over from building the station.  Phineas saying to Iggy “you had me at scrap” heads right over there.  And Candace tries to find a phone but the cell towers are down.  The family heads out on a safari after refueling the truck where we have a song and see a lot of animals.  We also have a couple of references from The Lion King; like Isabella dancing around with butterflies.  And seeing Phineas and Ferb acting like a cheetah sleeping in a tree.

They arrive at the uncharted gorge, which is its name in English as well.  Iggy states the only way to get down was to have a “highly unconventional vehicle”.  This is where  Phineas and Ferb gets the idea to build the unconventional vehicle while Lawrence and Linda gets ready for their dinner reservation.  Back in Danville Dr. Doof arrives at the O.W.C.A. headquarters where he thinks Major Monogram is now evil.  But they will find out that Carl the Intern is now evil and is planning to take over the tri-state area while the two guys are trapped.  By the way whose skull was Carl the Intern carressing?

After the break; we see Isabella with the Adumu (the people who jump up and down) while Phineas and Ferb are drawing up plans for their highly unconventional vehicle.  This vehicle is going to use the traits of many animals to make this vehicle work.  This vehicle is something I would love to drive!  Back in Danville Betty Jo and Clyde are taking care of Perry who is faking being sick.  Then we see Perry pull out a photo of Phineas and Ferb and his expression is he is missing them.  He really does care for the boys even though he is a secret agent.  That was a great scene!

At the O.W.C.A. headquarters Major Monogram and Dr. Doof are in a holding cell with a milkshake machine.  I would not mind being put in that holding cell at all.  Then we see Carl get very weird and quick!  Carl sings the song “Evil for Extra Credit” and Carl does some very weird dancing!  Plus the clothing Carl wears has that evil look as well.  Let’s hope we never see Carl like that again!

Major Monogram uses the extra straws from the milkshake machine to contact Agent P.  And while he is talking about his plans he gets cut off!  (that is just cruel)  Lawrence and Linda arrives at the restaurant on top of a large hill for dinner while Candace is freaking out because she can’t find a phone.  But she finds a large radio telephone from Her Royal Majesty’s and drags it to a top of a tree.  Carl the Intern uses Dr. Doof as an intern and Agent P arrives but he gets trapped while Carl is slow-clapping.  Then Carl uses the O.W.C.A. supercomputer to take over the tri-state area and bring the citizens to their knees.  Some of Carl’s evil plans includes stopping the power stations and de-synchronizing the traffic lights.  Dr. Doof accidentally pushes the release button to release Agent P from his trap.  Then we see Carl use the Flynn-Fletcher robots he built but they are evil!  Those red eyes should freak anyone out!

Phineas then does this weird singing fanfare into the gorge to hear an echo I guess.  Candace reaches Jeremy but the signal is very weak; and the robots are going after Agent P but he locks the super computer so Carl the Intern can’t use it.  Then we see several plot story-lines stop that will keep us all wondering.  Candace’s phone is very weak and Jeremy’s signal is breaking up.  Then we see the expression all teenage girls dread having; the possible breakup!  In faint and cutting phrases, she hears “Candace… I thought… we should… break… up.”  And this freaks Candace out!  Then we see Buford break a lever on the vehicle and it causes the vehicle to plummet into the gorge, with the five friends falling… possibly to their “instant death.”  Then we see all of Dr. Doof’s inators turn on and Agent P is zapped and disappears!  Then we see Lawrence and Linda find out that they have no reservation and they gasp in horror.  “to be continued!”

So we will all have to wait until August 24th for part 2 of the Where’s Perry special to premiere.  And I have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait!  For now I will get my thrill by watching the 2012 London Olympics!  Since just about every other show on TV is on hiatus because of the games.  Oh wait; there’s Big Brother!

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