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Fireball Run In Anniston

So since I am still unemployed I went to cover a pretty big event.  Over the last weekend we had a pretty big event come through Anniston called the Fireball Run sponsored by Chevrolet.  This event is kind of like a Amazing Race style where teams race using their cars through towns doing tasks and then going to the next task.  Well the a pit stop of the race was in Anniston on Friday and then resumed on Saturday to the finish in Gulfport, MS.  There were some pretty cool cars in the race and you can see in the photos and video below.  There were also some celebrities in the race including a astronaut, a NASCAR driver, and a actor.  Also there were some current and former military veterans and police and firefighters in the race.  The Anniston area was represented by Chris Wright; a DJ with rock 105.9/98.3.  The mission of the race was to find missing children which is a very good thing.  Each team has sponsored a missing child and were heading out flyers at each location.  And they had a poster of the missing child on their cars and even the race officials cars were sponsoring a missing child too.  So this event was great to see and it looks like it was a huge success.  Enjoy the photos and the video of the event I made below!

The mission of the race is to find missing children!

I feel like I am in May Berry again.

Autobots Transform!

Back to the Future!

Honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks

Mayor Gene Robinson and the Calhoun County Chamber President posing for photo.

Astronaut Winston Scott posing for photo.

Chris Wright (left) with Kevyn Major Howard (right)

Me posing with NASCAR driver Geoffrey Bodine

Group photo

About to leave town

The Guy in the red coat; Ron Seggi often called the “Johnny Carson” of radio

There are more pictures in the video I made above.  Thanks to everyone who came out and to the particpaints and people who run the race.  It was great!

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