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My First Post: A Review of the Phineas and Ferb 2D Movie

   First I would like to welcome you to my blog Young’s Blog. Since I still do not have a job (am trying hard to find one); I have some time to start now. Ever since Memorial Day when advertising got heavy; I could not wait for the Phineas and Ferb movie to premiere and I can say it was worth the wait. The movie has a lot of the great humor and storyline in the Phineas and Ferb Series. The plot basically is there are two dimensions; a good side where Phineas and Ferb and their friends live their normal lives during summer vacation building or designing projects and their sister Candace trying to bust their brothers while living her own teenager life with her friends. The family’s pet platypus Perry has a secret life as a secret agent (agent P) and mostly does battle with Dr. Doofenshmirtz (who has its own jingle Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.) and destroys Dr. D’s inator’s. Up until this movie this has been the theme for every episode but it came a time for something big to happen and this is where the 2nd dimension comes in. The bad side shows Dr. Doof rules over a dictatorship ruled by him and everything is designed around him and all of its citizens where wear black D overalls and follow Dr. Doof. There are a small band of people who are trying to overthrow its leader called the resistance whose leader is the 2d Candace. Their family pet Perry the platypus was captured a long time ago and was turned into a platyborg (robot).

Everything from this point on is a (SPOILER ALERT). The movie starts off showing the 1d Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry and Dr. Doof in chains being walked toward a Goozim to be eaten alive around a pit of lava. Then the movie goes to the beginning of the day as Phineas and Ferb wake up using Perry as a alarm clock. The first song everything’s better with Perry is like a 70’s throwback song and it shows the boys getting ready for the day and playing with Perry. Then the boys go downstairs and its Perry’s 5-year anniversary of the day he was adopted by the Flynn-Fletcher family and then a flashback happens on the day Perry was adopted by the O.W.C.A. (organization without a cool acronym) animal shelter where a lady dressed as Carl the intern waves them goodbye to the family. Then Candace talks to Jeremy (boyfriend) as he goes to tour a college with his dad and it makes Candace thinks about her life and decides to grow up and removes her childhood toys from her bedroom as her bff Stacy arrives. The boys then are playing baseball with Perry when their friends arrive and build the platy-pult and then Perry goes to his lair where Major Monogram remind him not to get caught and Carl shows Perry some new devices and then jets off in a rocket car which collides with the boys ball that was launched by the platy-pult and then the boys crash into Dr. doof’s building where they help him finish the otherdimensinator and Perry tries to stop but is unsuccessful. Then a portal opens and it’s another dimension where Dr. Doof meets his 2d self and then the song Brand New Best Friend (and it’s me)happens showing the 2 doof’s doing things together which were pretty good. The boys and Perry then meet the 2d Dr. Doof where he tries to fight them and Perry steps up to protect Phineas and Ferb and reveals he is a secret agent. Phineas does get upset as they escape through a window and fall where the Platyborg fights the real Perry until he is hit by a car and escape. Once safe Phineas is upset that Perry is a secret agent and then decide to find their 2d selves; I liked where Phineas realized that Perry could clean his own litter box and said this is not over. The boys go to the 2d home and find the 2d Phineas and Ferb who are dull and boring and the 2d Phineas was happy to see Perry again. Then Phineas and Ferb realize that their 2d selves have no clue what summer is like and sing Summer Where do we Begin; which is like a rock song and I thought was well written (still singing it in my head). The TV comes on demanding Perry turn himself in and then he runs off not before Phineas sees it and gets upset again. A great quote is when Phineas says you know, I used to think you couldn’t spell “platypus” without “us”. And then Ferb says well, you could, but it would just be Platyp. The kids walk across to Isabella’s house not before being meet by a norm bot until disabled by Buford, then they go through a trap door where they are meet by the resistance and their leader the 2d Candace. She decides to get Phineas and Ferb back home through the portal but decide not too so they can rescue Perry and the portal opens with Candace and Stacy looking and Candace runs through it into the 2nd dimension. After some convincing they go through mine shafts to Dr. Doof headquarters. They get in to see it was a trap and Perry gets the idea to show his hologram watch showing Major Monogram taking a shower which distracts everyone and escape to go back on the trains. There is then a great chase scene where the norm bots chase the kids down the mine shaft and they do defend themselves until one of the cars catch fire and the 2d Candace makes a tough decision to unhook the car with the 1d kids and the 2d kids escape capture.

The 1d Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Perry are captured and the 2d Dr. Doof tries to force them to fix the portal machine but they refuse and are sent to their doom including the 1d Dr. Doof. I do like he tried to use a sock puppet but it did not work either. They fight the Goozim and the norm bots and get the keys to unlock themselves when the 2d Candace throws Phineas the handheld Portal machine and a great dramatic scene happens when Phineas convinces Perry to let go and then opens a portal before landing in lava. Then they free themselves from the chains and run through several different dimensions being chased by some norm bots until they get back home but the 2d Dr. Doof gets into their dimension to launch an invasion to take over the tri state area. Perry then gets instructions from Major Monogram but the boys want to help as a team but Perry hands the boys his locket and runs off. The boys then go home when the locket beeps and they find a portal to Perry’s lair when they use the locket as the key in which the computer tells them Perry wants their help and recreates all of Phineas and Ferb’s inventions through the summer. They arrive as Perry and the animal secret agents are fighting the robots with all of their friends using their inventions to fight. The group Love Handel then plays the song robot riot while watching a great fight sequence. Then Phineas and Perry go to Dr. Doof’s Building to destroy the machine controlling the robots and have some great fight scenes with the 2d Dr. Doof and Perry robot when Perry fries the Perry robot and Phineas destroys the machine all while Candace goes to her parents in a movie theater to try to bust the boys but is unsuccessful. After you think its over the 2d Dr. Doof comes up in a big robot and you think Phineas, Ferb and Perry are about to be killed when the 1d Dr. Doof gives the 2D doof a choo-choo train. We then have a scene where the 1d and 2d kids meet each other before leaving. The Perry robot is reprogrammed as a good robot and the 2d Phineas and Ferb could not be so proud. After they leave Phineas, Ferb , Perry, and Candace meet Major Monogram who is about to take Perry away until they suggest using Dr. Doof’s amnesia -inator to wipe the memory of remembering agent P. Right before the machine is used Isabella kisses Phineas and tries to stop the machine but its too late. Then we see Perry in his lair crying and smiling as he is loading pictures showing Phineas, Ferb and Perry together as agent P.

The movie was written well and the animation was very good and just about everybody has a few questions including:

Will Phineas and Isabella remember kissing before their memories were wiped clean and what was Phineas going to say?

Dr. Doof’s inator’s fail all the time so will the memories of remembering agent P return?

Not all the kids helping fight the robots memories were wiped clean, what is the impact?

Will there be a time where agent P will need Phineas and Ferb’s help again?

Will the 2nd dimension storyline be used again as a future episode?

Will those pictures Perry uploaded be seen by anyone?

The songs in the movie were written very well and I did love them very much where I still sing some in my head right now. I did like the song Kick it up a Notch which Slash had a part in at the end of the movie. I am very sure this movie will bring in more Phineas and Ferb fans into the loop as the show in its third season and getting close to the 100th episode. I do think we will see Phineas, Ferb and Perry as agent P again in a future episode and I hope that Major Monogram will let them work as a team and not take Perry away. I do understand why to wipe the agent P memories away to protect the kids but I do think there is going to be a time where their help is needed again. I really enjoyed the movie and it’s a great family movie that anyone can watch. The ratings did come out showing being the highest rated animated telecast in over three years, the highest rated cable telecast in terms of viewers and #1 in all demographics with close to 8 million watching the premiere which is huge for cable. My only concern is Disney has had a long policy of killing shows after a certain amount of time and I hope the policy will not apply to Phineas and Ferb but if they keep coming out with great movies and great new episodes I do not think there will be any concern. Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh the creators pitched this show for over 15 years before being picked up and I do think it was picked by the right people at the right time. Phineas and Ferb is a great escape from what is going on the real world today and I do think you will enjoy it too. Keep up the great work!

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