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Sunday Discussion: The Dangers Of People And Pets Locked In A Hot Car

We hear stories often during the Summer of people or pets locked in a hot car during hot weather and they often pass away from heat stroke.  Why do people forget they […]

See Which Drivers Stop To Help In Good Samaritan Whopper

If you saw a car broken down on the side of the road and smoking, would you stop to help?  Burger King put that to the test by staging a smoking car […]

Take A Look At This Roadworthy Little Tikes Car

Yep, someone designed a Little Tikes car that can be driven on the road!  Over in the United Kingdom, this gas-engined car can get up to 70-mph.  Made by John and Geoff Bitmead, […]

Why The Volkswagen Scandal Could Be Bad News For Chattanooga And Alabama

Volkswagen did something incredibly stupid!  The United States has strict emission laws to make sure everyone has the chance to breathe clean air.  But, someone at Volkswagen decided to skirt the law, […]

Check Out What Happens When Car Commercials Are Honest

Yep!  The YouTube channel Cracked is back with another honest video.  This time, what if car dealerships had to be honest with their ads.  You know, most of them are not that honest to […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The Electronic License Plate

Every car on the road has a license plate attached to the back and sometimes the front as well.  The license plate is often decorated from the state they live in with […]

Why Killing Off Speed Channel Is A Bad Move For Fox

UPDATE:  Sign the petition to bring back Speed Channel at: http://www.bringbackspeed.com/ Welcome to the south, where car enthusiasts thrive!  Car racing and NASCAR is extremely popular and you find that most males […]

Fireball Run In Anniston

So since I am still unemployed I went to cover a pretty big event.  Over the last weekend we had a pretty big event come through Anniston called the Fireball Run sponsored by Chevrolet.  This […]

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