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My New Policy For The Trolls And Bashers On My Social Media Feeds

Well, I am now fed up about it!  It seems like every time I post something on one of my social media feeds, someone has to comment and bash me for something. […]

Sunday Discussion: #DearMe / Advice To My Younger Self

So this week, YouTube is doing something called #DearMe. This campaign is a part of Women’s Day this weekend, but I am sure guys can do this as well! The purpose of […]

Five Things I Will Love This Valentine’s Day Since I Am Single

  Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Saturday is Valentine’s Day, the day where restaurants will be overbooked, florists will be super busy selling overpriced flowers, wedding parlors will be […]

Geek Alabama’s 4000th Post, The State Of Me And The Blog

This is Geek Alabama’s 4000th post!  Yes, I have written 4000 posts on this site since the site was started in April 2012.  And to start things off, I wanted to highlight […]

Sunday Discussion: Why I Can Change Alabama In 2015

Before I get started, I need all of you to do a big favor for me!  AL.com put out a story highlighting people they think will change Alabama in 2015.  And they […]

Why I Enjoyed Alabama And Auburn Losing, And My New Year’s Resolutions For 2015

Well, New Year’s Day was a blast for me down here in Alabama!  I made my first New Year’s Resolution while walking on the side of the road around midnight.  And here […]

View The Geek Alabama’s Top Things Of 2014 Presentation

  Goodbye 2014, and hello 2015!  This presentation called Geek Alabama’s Top Things Of 2014 features the top pictures, videos, posts, and SlideShare presentations from 2014!  Take a look back at 2014 with Geek […]

2014 Year In Review: Geek Alabama’s Top Posts

  2014 has been another great year here at Geek Alabama!  Over 300,000 people logged on to see what was happening!  And when you include the presentations on SlideShare, pins on Pinterest, […]

Christmas 2014 Greeting With Nathan Young And Steve And Julie

  Well, this morning I did another short Christmas greeting video with Steve Stephens and Julie Daniels from the Steve and Julie show!  Get into the Christmas spirit by watching this quick […]

Coming Back From More Computer Troubles

Yep, I was offline for most of the day on Tuesday, due to the fact that my computer was not working again.  First, Windows said it could not connect to Windows update, […]

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