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View The What If 100 People Were Left On Planet Earth Infographic

What if only 100 people were left on Earth?  What is their race, gender, and overall outcome in life?  In this infographic called “What If 100 People Were Left On Planet Earth.” […]

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View The So Do You Think You Have Asperger’s Syndrome Presentation

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and many other people have Asperger’s or Autism. This presentation talks about the characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome. And what types of jobs are best for people with Autism. […]

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Anniston / Oxford, The Problems Needs To Come To A End

Anniston, Anniston, Anniston, why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot?  Since city officials including the mayor Vaughn Stewart and the city council knows me, because I endorsed them when they […]

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Sunday Discussion: Reflections On Nathan Young’s 28th Birthday

This is the 3,367th post on Geek Alabama, and I have put a lot of pride in every Geek Alabama post I have written.  I have written thousands of posts, taken thousands […]

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Sunday Discussion: Nathan Young’s Ice Bucket Challenge

First off, I have enjoyed a little time away from the computer, mostly to reflect and do some job searching.  Even though I did not post anything for a few days, I […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Letter To The FCC About Net Neutrality

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am catching up!  I am talking about my recent letter to the FCC about Net Neutrality.  As you know, the FCC is thinking about […]

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View The Kryptonite Is My Weakness Music Video

The beginning of this music video poses this question?  What do you do when you have been rejected 1100+ times and live in the worst metro area in America for unemployment/economics, make […]

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View The Nathan Young Cover Letter Presentation

As you know by now, I have my visual resume up on SlideShare, and as of today it has crossed the 8,200 mark!  That’s pretty impressive for a visual resume, view it […]

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Geek Alabama’s 3000th Post, Thanks For Being A Fan

UPDATE:  Thanks for reading this post!  The reason I had to write this post is simple, I can not keep working for free from people here in East Alabama.  And lately, the […]

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