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Meet And Mingle: Jingle – Jingle Christmas Party 2014

  I was invited to the Meet and Mingle: Jingle – Jingle Christmas Party 2014 in Anniston. A good crowd came out to talk to other people and enjoy the many food […]

What I Want For Christmas 2014, Plus My Hand-Drawn Christmas Card

  I have some of you asking me, what do you want for Christmas?  Well, I tell them this, a sustaining career.  And for starters, I am going to show you my […]

Aspie Recipes: Making Homemade Hot Cocoa

Yes, Christmas is almost here!  And that means most of you will be spending time with family and friends, and looking for something fun to do, why not make homemade hot cocoa? […]

Sunday Discussion: Dog Hit By Car, Guns Pulled Out, And Cuss Words, Oh My

This is a post I wanted to write on Friday, after the events that took place on Thursday night, but I wanted to think about, and reflect some more about what I […]

Geek Alabama’s Christmas Coverage 2014 Is Now Here

Today is the big day!  Every year since I started Geek Alabama, I always take the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and devote it to Christmas Coverage!  So beginning on Friday (after […]

Introducing The Geek Alabama Code Of Ethics Infographic

On my Gamergate post, I introduced the Geek Alabama Code of Ethics.  These five ethics beliefs are something every geek and nerd should follow, from the time they enter the geeky/nerdy world, […]

View The New Video Resume/CV Of Nathan Young

Yes, I have been away for the past few days on Geek Alabama, but I have been doing something amazing behind the scenes and I am now ready to feature it!  Several […]

Geek Alabama Thank You Notes 2014; Week One

November is a big month for writers and bloggers.  Some people participate in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  Since I am busy here on Geek Alabama, I will not be writing […]

View The Crazy Races At The Talladega Superspeedway Infographic

Twice a year, the Talladega Superspeedway becomes the hub of NASCAR! This infographic talks about why the races at the Talladega Superspeedway are crazy. Yep, the races are very interesting at Talladega! […]

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