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TV Reviews: #RichKids of Beverly Hills / Friday Night Tykes

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This TV Reviews post is going to talk about two shows that have recently premiered.  Both of these shows should not even be on TV in my opinion.  And the sad part, both shows are on networks owned by NBC Universal.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills

This new show on the E! Network is something I did not like.  I could not get through the entire episode before deleting it!  E! Networks has been promoting this show like crazy on social media.  And I have seen the hashtag #RichKids on social media networks like Twitter.  The show is centered around several 20 something adults who live off their parents riches in Southern California.  Yep, these people called their opportunities funemployed, spending thousands of dollars of their parents money every day shopping and eating out.

The show got its roots from the Tumblr page Rich Kids of Instagram, and the show has plenty of cutaways of social media interactions.  Sadly yes, there is a Tumblr blog showing off pictures from Millennials who has an unlimited amount of money.  The social media graphics in this show was very annoying, I could not stand it!  The show features Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel, and Roxy Sowlaty.  All five of these people are a bunch of self-obsessed, anxious, and controlling people who can’t put their phones away.  All throughout the show, these five were constantly on their phones sending pictures and text to social media, there was way too much cell phone sounds in this show and it was annoying.

The first episode centered on Dorothy and Morgan wanting to host a blood drive, you think this a good thing, but remember, this is E!  Fights happen, some people don’t want to donate because they discriminate against gay men, and these people wanted pictures to be shared on social media.  All these people want is attention, that’s all!  After watching the first episode, I wonder if the parents of these spoiled rotten kids are thinking about cutting them off forever, here is my suggestion!  Do it!  Parents, please cut these kids off and make them work for a living like everyone else does!  If it means these kids end up homeless, than too bad!  Watch the entire first episode below.

Here’s an idea, why not take these people who star on this crazy show and drop them off in Skidrow LA for a few days with no money or cards.  After a few days, come back and pick them up.  Maybe these people will realize how lucky they are and how many people around them are suffering.  Maybe these people will stop their massive shopping sprees and actually use their money to help people who need it.  Maybe these people will actually go out and volunteer their time to people who need it instead of partying all night long.  The #RichKids of Beverly Hills is a show that needs to be taken off the air ASAP.  But that won’t happen, because there are people who watch E! for this kind of low-life TV.  My opinion, these people need a reality check and fast!

New episodes air on Sundays at 9 pm Central on E! Network.  Learn more about The #RichKids of Beverly Hills at:

Friday Night Tykes

Friday Night Tykes - Season 1

Before I begin, remember this, football is king in the south.  Places in the south like Texas and Alabama really take their football very seriously!  And yes, many boys in most ages will play football.  Kids as young as 7-8 years will play pee-wee football and many boys will continue to play football through high school and hopefully onto college and the NFL.  Many people will turn out to watch kids play football, and yes, many people will criticize teams with poor records, even if the team is compromised of 7-8 year olds.  Friday Night Tykes is a new show on Esquire Network, which we will never get to see in Alabama, that focuses on the Texas Youth Football Association in San Antonio.  And the first episode was interesting to watch, see it below!

Many people have called Friday Night Tykes and the Texas Youth Football Association as cruel.  How could they force 8-10 year old kids to practice in 100 degree heat with full pads, or encourage kids to hit opposing players with full force, or having coaches tell the kids to suck it up and keep hitting.  Remember, football is a huge sport in the south.  There is huge pressure on coaches at all levels to win, win, and win!  And to win, it might mean kids become injured or have concussions.  It’s part of the culture in the south.  And I know this happens in Alabama too.  Because I do go out and take pictures of football games from the sidelines.  I have been to high school and pee-wee football games, and some pee-wee football coaches act like the coaches in Friday Night Tykes.  It’s a part of life in the south, and it has some people up in arms.

The NFL and USA Football are not liking this show one bit.  The show is so bad, USA Football released a statement and it reads:

“Youth coaches by nature are role models, and the language and scenes in Esquire Network’s “Friday Night Tykes” are in sharp contrast to USA Football’s core beliefs and what is taking place on the majority of youth football fields across the country. Football and youth sports in general provide meaningful learning opportunities, and it is vitally important that the right individuals have the training necessary to teach our children these lessons.

Understanding there is more work to be done, we are encouraged that the youth football community is embracing coaching standards such as those in our Heads Up Football program. Together with support of experts in medicine, child advocacy and multiple levels of the sport, we work with youth leagues to adopt these standards that bring significant change in how coaches are prepared, players are taught, parents are informed and safety is addressed.”

Many sports figures, media people, commentators, and other people, have taken to social media to despise this show.

But here is something to remember, want to change what you see on Friday Night Tykes?  You basically have to go all across the Southern USA and force every single youth football team to change.  Because remember this, the only thing to think about in youth football is winning, that is the culture in the south.  Some people in the south criticize other kids across the country for getting “participation trophies.”  In the south, you don’t have those, it’s either win or lose.  Even if that means your kid has an concussion, because this is the south.  Although I don’t like what I see on Friday Night Tykes or on the sidelines of a youth football game, nothing is going to change, unless the Federal Government forces it, and that will bring a whole new set of problems to the south.

New episodes of Friday Night Tykes airs on Tuesday nights at 8 pm Central.  Learn more about the show at:

All images and videos copyright from E! Networks and Esquire Network.

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