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Interstate 20 Alabama Updates

On my way back from Fiesta Birmingham I took some pictures of the latest happenings on that lovely accident prone Interstate we like to call I-20.  First off; I-20 is being repaved […]

Traffic Light and Highway Scenes

  Since being Geek Alabama Birthday Week you knew I would do this.  If you have been a longtime reader of Geek Alabama you know I love taking videos and pictures of […]

I-20 and I-59 Updates

This post is about updates to the road works on East Alabama Interstates.  The I-59 Etowah County Road work is trying to move along.  At least they are now putting asphalt over […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Speeding Through A Work Zone

On my way back from the Alabama Phoenix Festival I followed a pack of cars doing around 75mph in a 55mph zone on Interstate 20 through the work zone in St. Clair […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: US 78 in St. Clair County

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I want to take you to a lightly traveled stretch of highway that is barely used.  You have to be glad that Interstate 20 bypassed this narrow and […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: I-20 Sinkhole

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday I took some pictures of the sinkhole that is being worked on along Interstate 20 in the Oxford area.  The westbound lanes has been shifted to the eastbound side with a concrete […]

A Couple of Rants

On Wednesday my mother and I went to the Pelham Civic Center for a job fair hosted by Employment Seeker.  And we were both disappointed.   Many people turned out dressed professionally for […]

Dealing With A Interstate Closure

We have had a lot of traffic on the side roads over the last 24 hours.  Interstate 20 westbound in Oxford was closed late Thursday night when a sinkhole formed over the travel lanes. […]

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