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Roadscapes Wednesday: Speeding Through A Work Zone

On my way back from the Alabama Phoenix Festival I followed a pack of cars doing around 75mph in a 55mph zone on Interstate 20 through the work zone in St. Clair County.  I just wanted to get home and get some rest from the great three days at the event.  And following a group of cars doing the same speed was a no-brainier.  So who cares if I went 20mph over the speed limit breaking the law.  I never saw a cop in the work zone and it felt so good to get through that stretch of interstate instead of crawling along aside slow trucks going up the mountain!

And speaking of crawling along.  Why has the work on Interstate 20 slowed down to nothing.  I have been through here several times in the last few months and nothing has changed.  Come on ALDOT and the construction workers.  Get moving!

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