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Animation Monday: Eight Kids Cartoons Adults Watch Infographic

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am presenting a new Geek Alabama infographic that all animation fans should love!  These days, not watching a kid’s cartoon because it’s for kids is […]

View The Alabama Metro Area Oddities Infographic

Yes everyone, most top geeky/nerdy sites and technology driven sites do some infographics to drive a point home.  And I thought it was time Geek Alabama did some infographics!  For the first […]

View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic

I am putting a lot of stuff of SlideShare to get me noticed.  The first and original Visual Resume is now approaching 6,000 views, happy! The Nathan Young Visual Resume Game Board […]

Looking For Work In A Economically Depressed Area Is Impossible

First off, I made my latest infographic surrounding my never-ending job search called the Nathan Young Visual Resume Infographic.  Unlike the board game infographic, this infographic is truly special!  Enjoy below! Today, […]

View The New Nathan Young Visual Resume Board Game Infographic

My visual resume, in a PowerPoint form, has over 4,200 views now and is doing very well over on SlideShare, view it below! Now, I have stepped up my game and produced […]

Six Infographics Any Geek/Nerd Should Read

I have been behind in sharing some great infographics to you since I have worked on the visual resume and job searching.  So this post is going to highlight six infographics from […]

Thanks to Honest Tea, Alabamians are 100% Honest

Most people in Alabama are very honest and trustworthy.  So when a company called Honest Tea came to Alabama to test people’s honesty.  We did deliver!  Honest Tea did something called the National […]

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