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Six Infographics Any Geek/Nerd Should Read


I have been behind in sharing some great infographics to you since I have worked on the visual resume and job searching.  So this post is going to highlight six infographics from people who sent them to me via e-mail at [email protected]  I am including a page break for this post because this post is going to take up a lot of room!  Click the link below to read the infographics!

Phone vs. Text vs. E-mail  From:


Closing the Gender Gap In Computer Science  From:


Unfilled Jobs, Unskilled Labor  From:


Americans at Work: The Best and Worst Jobs  From:


There’s an App for That: Assistive technology (AT) and Learning Disabled Children  From:


Ultimate Online Guide to Video Game Design  This guide is to provide in-depth resources to help you get started in becoming a video game designer.  The job of video game designer is much like that of a movie director, and the path to that job is just as varied and difficult, and can require a measure of luck on top of competence and skill.  The video game industry does not have well defined, success-guaranteed career paths.  Many designers have worked in a wide range of jobs within the industry.  Success is achieved by finding a way to stand out at the right moment in whatever role you’ve managed to find.  Access the guide by clicking the picture or clicking the link at:

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