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View The Alabama’s Safest And Most Dangerous Cities Infographic


The website Safe Choice Security have come with some interesting findings.  The site listed the 15 safest cities in Alabama.  And the site has listed the 15 most dangerous cities in Alabama.  So in this infographic below, learn the 15 safest and most dangerous cities in Alabama.  Are you surprised or is this list just about right, read the infographic below!

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  1. Very intersting, but how can Rainbow City be listed as a safe city and Gadsden be listed as an unsafe city when they border each other? Maybe some investigating by you on this subject? I would like to read more on this.

  2. The study was done comparing population to crime. Rainbow City has a lower population than Gadsden, and has less crime as well. Some people on other sites have called this bogus, I find this as something interesting to look at.