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Thanks to Honest Tea, Alabamians are 100% Honest


Most people in Alabama are very honest and trustworthy.  So when a company called Honest Tea came to Alabama to test people’s honesty.  We did deliver!  Honest Tea did something called the National Honesty Index.  The company set up a stand with bottles of Honest Tea in 61 locations across all 50 states from July 8 to 18 including Railroad Park in Birmingham.  The catch?  The company scored honesty by setting up unattended kiosks where its beverages were available for $1.  A clear, locked box was left for people to make payments and Honest Tea employees observed from nearby.

First off, good job Americans!  The National Honesty Index found overall, Americans were honest 92% of the time.  The company collected data on participants’ characteristics, such as gender, hair color, hair length, facial hair and whether or not they were wearing hats and sunglasses.  According to the study, women were honest 95% of the time compared to men at 91%, which is the same results from their 2012 test.  This year, blonds were the most honest (95%), followed by brunettes (93%) and then redheads (92%).  People with short hair were honest 91% of the time, versus people with medium hair (93%) and long hair (94%).  And people in groups (96% honest) tend to be more honest than people on their own (91% honest).

Now to the great news about Alabama.  According to the National Honesty Index, Alabama and Hawaii tied for 1st place with people being honest 100% of the time.  That means no one took a drink without paying the $1 fee.  The place with the worst honesty goes to Washington D.C., with people only being honest 80% of the time.  Even a bicycle was stolen during the experiment in Washington D.C.  Should we be surprised about those results?

All of the money from the honesty test will be donated to FoodCorps, a national nonprofit organization that connects children to food.  To learn more about the National Honesty Index, go to: http://thenationalhonestyindex.com/  Enjoy a infographic from them!


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