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Roadscapes Wednesday: Eating And Driving: How Much Do Those French Fries Really Cost

The day to day lives of working Americans are busy – making multitasking a necessity. However, many people take multitasking to dangerous levels. Eating and drinking while driving is a growing trend across America as workers chow down on breakfast during their commute to work and consumers try to shave off time on long road trips while eating behind the wheel. In fact, over 56 percent of Americans admit to eating behind the wheel on a regular basis, with 7 percent doing so every single day.

To take a deeper look into the dangerous eating habits of Americans, including the gender and generations mostly likely to multitask as well as the most popular foods eaten behind the wheel, the team at The Zebra surveyed over 1,000 Americans. Here is a breakdown of what they found:

  • French Fries are the most popular food to eat while driving at 22%. Candy bars and hamburgers follow shortly afterwards at 17% each.
  • The average fender bender costs almost $9,000. Thats the same as 3,560 orders of French Fries and 5,933 candy bars!
  • Women are more likely to eat and drive than men are on a daily basis.
  • Gen X is the least likely generation to eat behind the wheel.
  • 13% of baby boomers say they eat while driving everyday.

Take a look at the graphics below to learn more about America’s dangerous habits’, eating and driving regional trends and more gender and generational discrepancies. And don’t forget, no matter if you eating while driving or not, it’s important to protect yourself with full coverage car insurance to make sure you stay safe and insured on the road.

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