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TV Reviews: @ Midnight / The Pete Holmes Show

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Over the past few weeks, two new shows have appeared on the 11 pm central timeslot, or midnight Eastern.  These shows are catering to the young adult crowd who tends to stay up late at night.  Many young adults are already used to watching Adult Swim or ESPN late at night, so these shows were created to go after my age demographic (I’m 27 by the way).  So let’s talk about these two shows which are filling up my DVR.

@ Midnight

This show stars Chris Hardwick as host, you know, that guy who runs Nerdist and hosts Talking Dead on AMC.  @ Midnight scours all of social media from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, and other sites and finds funny things that can be made fun of in this 30 minute program.  Each episode features three different comedians and their role is to come up with funny responses to things found on social media.  This show is Jeopardy! for comedy!

I have already grown to love this show because it is very funny!  The team @ Midnight finds some very interesting things to talk about from social media.  The show is the brainchild of the website Funny or Die, and Comedy Central worked with Funny or Die and Chris Hardwick over the past few months to create this show.  With this show around, nothing on social media is safe!  So you better watch what you post on social media, because it could be poked fun of on national television.  Enjoy a clip from Hashtag Wars where they talk about rejected candy.

I mean, some people are not smart on social media.  Why would you post something that could harm you?  @ Midnight talks advantage of some people’s stupidity and turns it into a laugh fest!  If you are looking for a show that will give you a great laugh before you hit the hay, then watch @ Midnight!  You will like it!  Learn more about @ Midnight at:  Follow them on Twitter @Midnight.

The Pete Holmes Show

There is a new show on TBS that airs at the exact same time as @ Midnight.  This show is very creative as well, and it gives me a hard decision to what to watch each weeknight.  The Pete Holmes Show stars comedian Pete Holmes, you know those E-Trade baby commercials, that’s his voice!  He has also written several TV comedies and does a really good job performing stand-up.  Conan O’Brien and his producers are the ones making this great show, and you should watch it!

Each show is only 30 minutes long but the show moves at a very fast clip.  Of course, you get an opening skit and the monologue, then you get another funny skit, like this one where Superman and Batman meet each other in a Badman College Humor video.

Each episode also features a celebrity interview and often another funny skit.  I admit, the first week, the show was a bit slow as it was premiere week.  But I hope this show will pick up in the action and will provide people with something to watch before they go to bed.  Both shows are almost pulling the same ratings with @ Midnight having a slight advantage.  I am just glad the networks are giving people the option to watch a show and laugh after a tough day.  Watching funny shows is a great way to unwind!  Learn more about The Pete Holmes Show at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @peteholmes.

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