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See The Inside Of An AC Adapter And My New Laptop Power Cord


I have had my Asus computer for about five years now.  The computer has gone through one hard drive crash, and one of the gadgets to hold the computer screen up is gone.  But overall the computer is doing great!  So about a week ago an important piece of the computer finally broke down, the AC adapter plug to the computer.

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So I did some crazy things like cutting off the cord attaching the AC adapter to the computer, and hooking up the wires to another AC adapter used for model trains, but that did not work.  So the only choice I had was to go out and buy another AC adapter cord.  By the way, are you wondering about what is inside an AC adapter, here you go!

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So, the best choice was to go to the nearby Best Buy and buy an AC adapter cord.  And Best Buy’s brand Insignia had a universal laptop charger.  The cord is much longer than my Asus laptop cord.  And the cord is interesting, because the end of the cord where you attach it to the laptop has no connector.

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Instead, the pack has six adapters that would fit most of the laptops built out there.  You take the adapter and attach it to the end of the cord, and plug it in!  And guess what, it worked very well!

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The AC adapter cost about $50, and I guess Best Buy sells a lot of these each year, because laptop cords get abused quite a bit while moving around!  I am just thankful things like this are sold, so I am not without a computer!

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