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Roadscapes Wednesday: Sign The Southside Build The New Bridge Petition

The people living in Southside, AL have had enough.  They are getting tired of long traffic backups every morning heading north on AL-77.  The reason for the backups?  There is a one lane bridge called the Gilberts Ferry Bridge that was built in 1939.  The bridge carries traffic going northbound and sees on average over 11,000 vehicles per day.

As you can see in the video below, this is one old bridge that is getting close to its end of lifespan.

People living in Southside who have to commute into Rainbow City and Gadsden see long delays that can be very long.  Businesses also suffer because of the backed up traffic.  And the people are demanding a new bridge be built to replace the 1939 bridge.  There was a new higher bridge built by ALDOT for southbound traffic, but ALDOT says there is no money to build a new northbound bridge.

Of course, Etowah County has kind of been getting screwed by ALDOT.  They cancelled the I-759 extension, they can’t finish 4-laning AL-77 or US 411, the Meighan Bridge (US 431, US 278) is getting close to the end of its lifespan, and people suffer in Southside because ALDOT keeps saying there is no funding, people are calling hogwash on this.

So people are trying to fight back.  Several businesses are allowing people to sign a petition to demand a new northbound bridge be built.  The people also want to see AL-77 4-laned from Southside to Lincoln as well.  Without a new bridge and 4-lanes, Southside will continue to suffer from the lack of economic impact, and that’s just wrong!  It’s time for the people in Etowah County to see some badly needed infrastructure being built, and it starts with a new Southside AL-77 northbound bridge!

Sign the Southside bridge petition by clicking here!

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