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Roadscapes Wednesday: Animation Of The New Mobile River Bridge And Bayway

ALDOT released a new computer animation of what the new Mobile River Bridge And Bayway is going to look like when it’s completed.  The new bridge over the Mobile River will be very high over the river to allow ships to pass under.  The bridge will also be six lanes.  The Mobile Bay Byway will also be widened with four lanes in each direction plus the bridges will be raised.

In addition, the current Interstate 10 will still be around.  The George Wallace Tunnel will still be in use, and the interchanges at Water Street and Virginia Street will be re-constructed as a diverging diamond interchange.  The current I-10 through the tunnel will be re-named as Business I-10.

This project will cost over two billion dollars, and it will also include seven modified interchanges.  The new bridge and widened Byway will also be tolled once completed.  The all-electronic toll is still be determined at this time but will be around $4-8 with discounts for frequent users.

Enjoy the video animation below, along with some facts provided by ALDOT about this project.  Learn more about this project at:

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