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Video Roundup: Videos From Hurricane Laura

Look out, there is a new hurricane in the Gulf about to make landfall.  Before we deal with landfalling Hurricane Sally, let’s look back at videos of Hurricane Laura.  Below, you see […]

Watch James Spann’s Weather School For Kids: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, And Winter Storms

If you have kids at home, and looking for something for them to learn stuff, this series of educational videos from ABC 33/40 meteorologist James Spann has been awesome!  Below, you and […]

Video Roundup: Tornado Videos During April 2020

April 2020 has been a very active month for tornadoes.  Below, you can watch some of the best tornado videos and the damage the tornadoes left behind.

The Evening Post: 3-31-2020 Eufaula, Alabama Massive Tornado

This tornado season is off to a major start.  On March 31, a EF2 tornado went through the southern sections of Eufaula, Alabama.  Below, you see the tornado on camera and some […]

University Of Alabama System Researchers Work To Unlock Tornado Mysteries

Post by Dawn Azok for University Of Alabama Ongoing research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is uncovering key details about the development of tornadoes, and the work should lead to better forecasting […]

See Drone Video From The 1-11-20 Pickens County, Alabama Tornado

Last Saturday, a EF-2 Tornado struck in Pickens County, Alabama which sadly killed 3 people and injured other people.  Below, you can view drone video taken by Live Storms Media and ABC […]

Video Roundup: Videos From The December 16 Severe Weather Event

On Monday, December 16th, multiple tornadoes tore across the Deep South.  Tornadoes wrecked havoc across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Below, you can see damage the tornadoes caused.  The videos come from Live […]

Sunday Discussion: Cat-5 Hurricane Dorian Smashes The Bahamas Before And After

Some people did ride out a category 5 hurricane smashing through parts of The Bahamas, and that included a few storm chasers.  Josh Morgerman, better known as iCyclone, documented his experience through […]

Hear What Southerners Say During Bad Weather

  Yes, the south has experienced bad weather many times.  And some have unique sayings to describe the weird and wacky weather.  Let It’s A Southern Thing talk about everything from lightning […]

The Evening Post: Major Damage Video From Grand Abaco Bahamas

Today the first videos was posted from the damage zone in Grand Abaco, Bahamas.  And the damage is catastrophic.  The video was taken by Brandon Clement from Live Storms Media.  The people […]

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