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Video Roundup: 2020 Christmas Commercials

2020 has been one weird year.  And the Christmas commercials for 2020 have mostly reflected this weird year.  Below, enjoy some of the best 2020 Christmas ads!

Video Roundup: Videos From Hurricane Sally

Here is a roundup of videos from Hurricane Sally that struck Alabama and Florida in September.  Videos come from Live Storms Media, Storm Chasing Video, SVL Media, Reed Timmer, WX Chasing, Max […]

Video Roundup: Videos From Hurricane Laura

Look out, there is a new hurricane in the Gulf about to make landfall.  Before we deal with landfalling Hurricane Sally, let’s look back at videos of Hurricane Laura.  Below, you see […]

Video Roundup: Tornado Videos During April 2020

April 2020 has been a very active month for tornadoes.  Below, you can watch some of the best tornado videos and the damage the tornadoes left behind.

Video Roundup: Videos From The December 16 Severe Weather Event

On Monday, December 16th, multiple tornadoes tore across the Deep South.  Tornadoes wrecked havoc across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Below, you can see damage the tornadoes caused.  The videos come from Live […]

Video Roundup: Cute Animal Halloween Costume Videos

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults to dress up.  But what about our pets too?  Yes, even the pets can enjoy in some cool Halloween costume action!  Below, is […]

Video Roundup: Videos About The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

50 years ago this month, the Apollo 11 Mission amazed many people.  The moon landing was must see TV as millions around the world watched and were amazed.  On this post, I […]

Video Roundup: View My Favorite Comic Con 2019 Trailers

The 2019 San Diego Comic Con has come and gone now.  And during the convention, there were several trailers for movies or TV shows that I loved.  On this post, I am […]

Video Roundup: Reactions Of The Alabama Abortion Bill

Welp, our clowns in Montgomery did it again.  They made most of America and most of the world frown upon Alabama once again.  Looking at the social media feeds, it’s mostly against […]

Trainscapes: Video Roundup Of Union Pacific’s Big Boy 4014 Steam Locomotive

This week has been awesome for train fans like me!  Union Pacific has completed restoration of American Locomotive Company 4000-class 4-8-8-4 locomotive, popularly named Big Boy.  It took years for Union Pacific […]

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