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Animation Monday: Travel Oregon – Only Slightly Exaggerated

So, every state has a marketing team to convince you that you should visit their state.  And in Oregon, their new campaign involves using Studio Ghibli type anime to sell their state […]


Animation Monday: Belle And Sebastian

Let’s go way back in time, to the 1980’s!  Nickelodeon back then aired a new animated series called Belle And Sebastian.  You can tell it came from the 1980’s, the animation is all […]


Animation Monday: Lucas The Spider

A new YouTube channel called Lucas the Spider has been getting millions of views per video, and it all involves a tiny talking spider.  Animation is done by Joshua Slice, and his nephew named Lucas does […]


Animation Monday: How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

As a geek and nerd, you know I have seen the latest Star Wars movies, I hope you have too!  Because the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended made a video showing […]


Animation Monday: Dinosaur, A Film By Nathan And His Dad

I found an animated short film that was really cool!  In the title called Dinosaur, a film by Nathan & his Dad, Allen Mezquida animated the drawings made by his four-year old son.  Nathan spends […]