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Trainscapes: A Drone Video Of The Norfolk Southern Train Derailment In Eastern Calhoun County, Alabama

Cleanup is continuing today in the major derailment of the Norfolk Southern train in eastern Calhoun County, Alabama.  YouTube channel Hotspots Southeast used a drone to get a overhead scene of the accident.  This is their description.

At 6:45 this morning a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in the town of Iron City, AL. Fortunately no hazardous material were involved and no injuries reported. Crews are currently working the scene. It’s unlikely that this is due to track issues as this part of Alabama gets routine maintenance every winter, new ties, ballast, and inspection. And since you can clearly see the engines are stopped close to the accident the train was obviously not moving too fast. It takes a long time for a fast moving train to stop. And this was not a clear case of stringing as most of the cars are piled up in the straight section between curves. Cars are heavy, especially if they are carrying scrap metal or metal coils, as you can clearly see in the pileup, so they can pile up quick even at slow speed. And just because there are millions of people carrying cameras in their pockets and uploading to social media does not mean that train accidents or car accidents or earthquakes and other disasters are on the rise. It just means you are seeing them reported in far away places you would never hear about normally.

Additionally only the first four locomotives, if that many, were being powered at the time. The two rear locomotives are cargo, being shipped off for maintenance or to a new owner. This is normal practice. Extra engines being shipped somewhere ride behind the powered ones, not in the middle of the train. The cars you see that are close to a house were dragged there by bulldozers to get them out of the way. They didn’t fly off the tracks and into their yard. There was no fire, no chemical spill, no environmental damage. The trees that were cleared were already on the ground, or next to power lines, and removed to make room to put the cars while they repair the track. After the cleanup is done you won’t even know anything ever happened here.

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