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Thinking Of Starting A Collection? Try These 5 Things To Collect (Aspie Reviews)

UPDATE: Enjoy a Aspie Reviews of a metal poster sent to me from the folks at Displate.

Collecting as a hobby is something that many people around the world enjoy. Building the right collection can allow anyone to unleash their creativity and inner geek while having tones of fun. In this installment of our blog’s tips and advice stuff section, we’ll suggest a few awesome things to consider collecting.

What to collect is a matter preference and taste. You simply have to ask yourself, what am I passionate about? The answer to this question might be the first clue in discovering what you should collect.

In this article we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things that are fun to collect, hopefully you’ll take inspiration from it and discover what you might want to find.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you love gaming? Perhaps you’re a Lego enthusiast or you’ve always been fascinated by different decks of cards and you think it’s finally time to get your hands on many of them.

Whatever the case, let’s dive into what you could collect.



Displate Metal Posters are a great choice for geeks and pop culture enthusiasts who want to show off their love of pop culture. Displate offers an innovative way to display artwork, with the prints made on high quality metal sheets that will last a lifetime.

Plus, they come in various sizes and designs, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your walls or shelves. The vibrant colors used in Displate’s prints bring out the beauty of each artwork, making them stand out from traditional posters and prints.

Since Displates are made from durable metal material these posters won’t tear or fade over time like regular paper prints do, so you can be sure that you’ll always have a vivid reminder of your favorite game or character. And because they come in such a wide variety of designs, you can easily customize your collection and create the perfect gallery wall that shows off your personal style.


Vinyl Records

All those groovy old records aren’t just collecting dust; they’re making a comeback! As more and more tech-savvy music fans return to spinning vinyl, these wax discs are becoming increasingly valuable.

With the right care and maintenance, even your most humble bargain bin purchase may contain something of worth. So don’t forget to store your collection carefully – who knows what record will suddenly become the next big thing?


Comic Books

Here’s another collectible that’s been hot for a while, since their inception comic books have been collected by enthusiasts worldwide.

Comic books are like gold to geeks and even the tiniest blemish can be devastating to its value. Protecting your comic book collection should be top priority if you want to keep it in good shape (and increase its resale value!).

Don’t let those sticky hands near them! Treat your comic books with the same respect as a priceless treasure, because that’s what they are for serious collectors. Plus, reading them is just icing on the cake. They are available featuring stories from major film studios like Marvel etc.


Trading Cards

Trading cards are perfect for the budding geek! Baseball cards might be the classic version, but there are all sorts of exciting varieties, like Magic the Gathering. To keep them in pristine condition, treat your trading cards as you would a precious comic book–store them carefully and protect them from any potential damage.

If it’s a rare card in particular, take extra special care to preserve its mint condition over time.  Collecting these little gems can make for an exciting hobby!


Dolls and Toys

For the young and geeky, toys and dolls are more than just a passing fancy – they’re an obsession. Whether you’re into collecting Funko Pop Dolls, Beanie Babies or anime figurines, there’s no denying that if this is your thing, you can easily see yourself with hundreds of pieces in your collection.

Following the ebb and flow of the collectable market is a must for any toy enthusiast, as some items will inevitably come and go in terms of popularity. Keep up to date with the latest trends and stock up on those cute little treasures!



Collecting geeky and fun items is the perfect way to express your passion for something. Whether it’s finding vintage consoles, scouring flea markets for obscure titles, or filling a shelf with memorabilia and statues, there’s something out there for any collector to find.

Not only will you have an amazing collection that you can show off, but you’ll also be able to pass on the fun when they come over and see your collection.

With all these options in mind, it’s easy to build a unique collection that’s sure to spark conversation and excitement. Now get out there and start collecting!

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