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Aspie Business Review: Coldwater Mountain Brewpub

A new restaurant and brewpub has opened up in Anniston.  And in this post, I wanted to talk about what I thought about Coldwater Mountain Brewpub.

The brewpub is inside an old train freight building.  When I walked inside, you see it looks very nice.


And they have an outside Zinn Garden.  Although in the Summer months its just WAY too hot to be sitting outside.


I ordered their smashburger with fries and mac & cheese on the side.  First off, if you order a soft drink, water, or tea, they let you go get the drink yourself, yeah really.  Of course for any alcoholic drinks the staff there makes it for you, and speaking of staff, everyone was very friendly.


And you go up to the front counter to order your food and drinks.  There are no servers there to take your orders, something different.  And the bar area had USB ports to charge your phone, that is nice.


Onto the food!  The smashburger was decent, although I would loved to have a cheese option other than pimento cheese, I hate pimento cheese.  And while I was there, another customer was asking the same thing about no cheese options.  I would also loved to see an option to add bacon as well.  The fries are okay.   And the mac & cheese was creamy and good.


My bill was $23.10 for the whole meal and drink.  Overall, a bit too pricy for someone who is disabled and has hardly any income.  And that is an concern, because Anniston is a poorer town where quite a few probably can’t afford to eat here.

Coldwater Mountain Brewpub was just okay for me.  I could get a cheaper burger elsewhere.  And since I do not like alcoholic drinks or an open atmosphere that this restaurant has, I love being alone and quiet, I probably won’t be coming back.


Learn more about Coldwater Mountain Brewpub at:

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