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See How Trading Cards Are Valuable

Collecting trading cards is one of the hottest hobbies in the world. You can walk into almost any store and pick up a pack of cards to go through at home. Sports cards are very popular and let you collect cards from your favorite teams and players. It’s not just sports cards that people love though. There are tons of cards that feature your favorite cartoon and anime characters as well as cards that connect to games you can play. Before you become a collector, it’s helpful to look at why trading cards are valuable and what makes them so expensive.



Some cards are valuable simply because there isn’t a big enough supply. When the cards first hit the market. They were more of a novelty than a collectible. They even came in packs of cigarettes. You might have an elderly family member who remembers putting their favorite cards in their bicycle spokes and riding with them. There aren’t as many of the older cards available for sale as you might think. It’s even hard to find new cards due to supply chain issues that left stores struggling to supply enough cards for the demand they had.


Limited Edition

In addition to older cards that have supply issues, modern cards often come in limited edition styles that are hard to find. Take, for example, Pokemon cards. These cards come in foil packs that you’ll find in many different stores. Some of these cards are very rare though. One card has a 1:684 ratio per pack, which means that only one out of every 684 packs contains that card. Collectors are often willing to pay more to get that card in their hands instead of wasting money on dozens of packs that may not have it.



Another reason why trading cards are valuable is because of their age. New players join the Pokemon and Magic the Gathering words every year. They build decks of cards that they both collect and use in matches against other players. While some of the early cards are no longer regulated and not playable in tournaments, others are still functional. Age applies to sports cards, too. You might know someone who had a Wayne Gretzky rookie card their mom threw away or sold at a yard sale. While age isn’t the only factor in the value of trading cards, it’s a big one.



Some trading cards are more expensive than others because of their overall condition. The grading scale runs from zero to 10, with 10 being the highest possible grade. A card that shows visible signs of damage is worth less than one in mint or near-mint condition. Any stains on the front or back of the card and scratches on the surface will affect its condition. Those with more money to spend pay more for cards that are in great condition, while new collectors look for cheaper cards in poor condition when they start.


Print Run

The print run also makes trading cards valuable. This refers to both the number of cards in the run and how often the company printed it. When you shop from the BYU trading card marketplace and similar stores, you can usually view the print run. A card that was one of only 1,000 released is worth less than one that was part of a 500 print run. Some cards also have multiple printings. For example, a brand might reproduce the cards they sold decades ago. The new versions of those cards are not worth anywhere as much as the original cards are.


Trading Card Collecting

Trading card collecting is a fun hobby that almost anyone can do. You can work on completing a full set of cards or focus on the players and characters you like. Rarity or scarcity is one of the big things that affect how much cards are worth. During periods of high demand, the supply or amount of cards available on the market will rise, which causes the prices to increase. Whether you plan to buy cards for tournament games or build a collection of your favorite players or teams, you must know why some cards are more valuable than others. The top factors include the card’s print run, age, and condition.

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