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How Abandoned Offshore Rigs Can Help The Ocean

Something beautiful happens to all the abandoned offshore rigs, despite all the environmental destruction they’ve caused. These large structures in the water can be eyesores for many, but underneath, something is happening. Abandoned offshore rigs are helping to save the ocean, one coral reef at a time. Continue reading to learn more.

How Abandoned Offshore Rigs Can Help the Ocean


Artificial Reefs

Reefs are the world’s most productive fish habitats. These artificial reefs that form on abandoned offshore rigs become the perfect place for breeding, feeding, and sleeping. It’s a marine life sanctuary in a world we don’t belong in.

The artificial reefs formed on offshore rigs provide shelter for thousands of marine wildlife. It helps to stabilize threatened fish species. What stops a company from coming in and removing the abandoned rig? Most oil companies make a deal to maintain the rig instead of removing the structure because of cost. Rig maintenance is less expensive than removal.


Create Sustainability

Ocean acidity levels have been increasing steadily since the Industrial Revolution. Marine life is dying off quickly, and coral reefs are calcifying. This news is bad for our planet and humans. However, since more and more artificial reefs are forming on abandoned offshore rigs, the ocean has been improving. It’s a win-win for the economy and the environment.

Many scientists are working with oil companies to begin the process of rig-to-reef before the company shuts down the rig. This method jump-starts the reef, giving the ocean a fighting chance. Our oceans will become healthier and healthier, and ecotourism can flourish.


Let’s Hear It for Marine Life

The oceans and seas are an area we’re learning more about each day. These artificial reefs allow us to understand and study more. Our oceans deserve saving because if they don’t survive, then neither do we. Offshore oil rigs are important for our economy in many ways, and providing a home for our wonderful marine life is only one aspect. I can’t imagine a life where we didn’t live with ocean mammals, fish, sharks, or other animals found in the water. Let’s do our part to understand these deep waters more and save them.

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