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Roadscapes Wednesday: How Geography Affects American Traffic

Welcome to the Roadscapes Wednesday segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Roadscapes Wednesday will feature roads and infrastructure related topics. Geek Alabama Editor / Publisher Nathan Young is often called the “road geek” for a good reason, Nathan loves roads and loves talking about roads!

Traffic in America is an extremely interesting topic. The way cities were planned out over the last century can have a direct effect on how it runs current day. You can permanently ruin your city just by poorly planning it out in the early 1900s. And aswell as this, the geography of a city also has effect on how traffic runs current day, something the city itself has much less control over.

Though places like Indianapolis or Oklahoma City aren’t going to have to deal with as many geographical challenges. Places like San Francisco or Pittsburgh are going to have to work around the land their city was built on. And sometimes cities were just set up for disaster traffic-wise with nothing they can really do about it. So today I wanted to talk about that, going through some cities I think are affected by this and how it has changed the way things are developed.

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