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Roadscapes Wednesday: How Did The Ancient Romans Manage To Build Perfectly Straight, Ultra Durable Roads

From the folks at Today I Found Out, we get to learn about early road building technology!  The ancient Romans were a people famed for their architectural prowess, something no better demonstrated […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Roads Made From Recycled Plastic Waste Could Be the Future

Currently roads are paved with asphalt or cured by concrete.  But, could roads in the future be installed with recycled waste?  Mashable went to the Netherlands to take a look at plastic […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Why Is It So Hard To Fix Traffic

We all encounter it, traffic!  Some days, traffic is good, but on other days, traffic is a nightmare.  If you get stuck in some traffic jam, you might ask yourself why can’t […]

Watch A Video And See Why Bridges Move

This landed in the trending tab, and I am glad it did!  The YouTube channel Practical Engineering shows us why bridges on our roads and highways move.  Yes, bridges have to move and […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The European City Center With No Street Names

So, mostly all roads out there have either a road name or number naming the road, right?  But, as Tom Scott found out, there is an area in Europe where there are no […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Nathan’s Ultimate Go-Kart Track Design

On this Roadscapes Wednesday, I present a birthday week special!  I drew four different road drawings and put them together in a design of what my ultimate go-kart track would be!  Everything […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Six Spanking New Road Drawings

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring six new road drawings!  The road drawings range from an interesting interchange, lane controls for a tunnel, center lanes and passing zones, highway at […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Five New And Awesome Road Drawings

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring five brand and spanking new road drawings!  Yep, all five of these road drawings feature something different.  The first drawing is a lane control […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: What If All Major Roads Were Private

This week on Roadscapes, I am bringing you an interesting question.  What if all major roads anywhere, including America were private today.  And each road charged a toll to use the road? […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Three New Road Drawings Including An ALDOT Bashing

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am including three new road drawings!  The first road drawing features a part of an interchange coming to a traffic light.  The second road drawing features […]

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