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What Does Your Car Say About You?

Cars symbolize wealth, status, and taste; they indicate to others what is important to the person driving them. This can be a strong expression of one’s personality.

The type of car you drive not only reflects on your personality but also on what others think of you as a person. However, what your car says about you can be different depending on the situation and the company you’re with.


1. You Love to Travel and be On-The-Go

If you like to stay on the move, you most likely prefer to drive a small, sporty car that can get you from one place to another in an instant. One of the most popular cars among people who love to travel is the Mini Cooper. This car is small, but with the right engine, it can pack a powerful punch.

You can drive one comfortably and it has excellent gas mileage. Depending on the model, you can get up to 34 miles per gallon. If you prefer a car with more space, you can get a small car with a larger engine.

Cars like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Fit are small but have a hybrid engine that can travel a decent distance on one gas tank. They are excellent for commuting in a city and can fit into smaller parking spaces.


2. You Have Excellent Taste

If you drive a luxurious car, people will likely assume that you have excellent taste and appreciate good quality in all aspects of your life. Luxury cars are beautifully made and often have extra features that other cars don’t have.

Luxury cars have great acceleration, excellent handling, quality steering wheel cover, and smooth ride. People will also think you have excellent taste if you drive a fancy sports car.

Fancy sports cars are fast and cool but are not recommended for families. They are also very expensive to maintain and run.



3. You Like to Stay Fit and Healthy

If you like to stay fit and healthy, you’re likely to drive a car that has many features that help improve your health. You’re likely to drive a hybrid car that can help you save money on gas. The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid cars on the road today.

You may also drive an SUV with features that can help you stay fit, such as calories burned counter, a yoga or meditation app, or even a built-in exercise program.

If you like to go green and help the environment, you’re likely to drive a hybrid or fully electric car. With a hybrid car, you can normally drive without worrying about running out of charge.


4. You’re Risk Averse

You can tell you’re risk-averse when you drive a safe, sensible car that doesn’t have a lot of flashes. You’re likely to drive a car that’s a reliable make and model, such as a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or Chevrolet Tahoe. Compared to other cars, these are relatively safe and inexpensive to maintain.

If you drive a Honda, you’re likely to drive a car that can easily last 200,000 miles without breaking down. You can drive to work or anywhere you need to go without worrying about breaking down.

You’re likely to drive a Chevrolet Tahoe if you’re a parent with a family or you’re a person who needs to haul heavy equipment.


5. People Can Rely On You

If you drive a reliable and safe car, you’re likely to be the type of person who people can rely on. After all, a car’s primary function is to transport people from one place to another safely. If you drive an SUV, you’re likely to drive a car that’s not only reliable but also safe.

SUVs have a higher center of gravity, making them less likely to roll over in a car accident. If you drive a large car such as a Lincoln Continental, you’re likely to drive a car that’s not only reliable and safe but also comfortable.



When people see your car, they make judgments about you. The type of car you drive can say a lot about who you are as a person and what’s important to you. Get to know yourself better by figuring out what your car says about you.

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