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How You Can Stay Safe And Prepared On The Road

According to the World Health Organization, more than a million individuals die yearly from road accidents worldwide. This is quite unfortunate since a majority of these accidents can be avoided. NHTSA estimates […]

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A Guide To Finding The Best Vehicle For Your Family

Finding the perfect car doesn’t require much but your input. This car should fulfill your needs, and you’ve got to love it. When you’re buying for your entire family, there are a […]

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Do Hybrid Or Electric Vehicles Cost More To Ship?

Getting your ideal vehicle delivered to your home or your dealership may take work on the part of the dealership. Arranging the shipping and getting the vehicle brought to you in a […]

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Explore Cars Designed By Iconic Film Directors

From: https://www.vehiclecontracts.co.uk/blog/film-director-car-designs/ Cinema has always been heavily entwined with the motor industry from silent films through to the modern-day. With franchises like Fast & Furious grossing $5.9 billion to date and speculation […]

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Safety Features To Look For In Vehicles To Keep Everyone Safe

Safety features are included in vehicles in order to keep the people inside safe. Some cars have more features than others, and if you are going to be purchasing a new vehicle, […]

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5 Wacky Features Onboard the Batmobile That Would Cost Drivers Over $144,000

Automotive experts at Select Car Leasing have highlighted 5 extreme features found on past and present Batmobiles and revealed how much it would cost to install the upgrades on your own car. Batman has […]

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10 Most Romantic Cars, According To Romance Movie Data

Peter Vardy have analysed 1,143 cars from 50 popular romance movies, revealing the carmaker and model is the most popular movie motor for on-screen love affairs. Read More: https://www.petervardy.com/news/valentines-day-cars With Valentine’s Day […]

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Explore Which Films Increase Car Prices The Most?

Appearing on the silver screen will often increase the profile of any actor that graces a big-budget Hollywood flick, but what about the various vehicles that make appearances too? We’ve looked into […]

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